Teach English in YanjiAzha - Huanggang Shi

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The most evident role a teacher has is the role of an educator. He is a provider of information, a source of knowledge. However, the teaching profession tends to be more complex especially when it comes to a younger generation. The teacher is a central figure with great responsibilities. To pass the knowledge on, he must be able to motivate students to enjoy getting new knowledge. This often requires the ability to get the attention of the students as well to make them understand the benefits of education. The teacher is the organizer. It is a difficult task that takes many challenges. The success of class activities depends on good organizational skill. It is important to regulate the learning material, timing, and proper activities. It all goes easier if students get clear instructions and explanations about the tasks. Students are more focused on achieving the goals and are more actively participating in the learning activities. This reduces the chance of wasting time, inefficient learning and boredom. It is important to reflect a positive image. He should teach responsibility, respect, correctness, and other positive character traits. When it comes to language learning, he is the one that students tend to look up to, to achieve their learning goals. This is closely related to the parenting role. Teachers follow students through each pivotal stage of development. At six to eight hours a day, fives times a week it is no wonder this is an important role to play. Especially in the modern days as parents often don't have enough time to devote to their children. At younger age students are like sponges. Any negative behavior can be detrimental to their development, so his job is to navigate and discipline students to the best of his ability. This helps with the overall discipline and learning atmosphere in the class. Having a friendy and honest relationship with students is also a crucial skill. As a result, students are relaxed and more open to the conversational part of learning. This way a teacher can also fulfill the role of being a protector. An open conversation can provide information from a student's private life and point out to possible signs of trouble. Ability to nurture a good relationship with parents is closely related to this. When their child exhibits poor behavior some parents tend to take a defensive stance. It is better to establish good communication and trust so everyone is involved and creative problem-solving is possible. Without being misunderstood or expected to provide a quick fix, the teacher has enough space to discuss and solve potential problems. Besides the traditional keeper of knowledge, the science of teaching requires multiple skills and additional efforts. In the modern world, the teacher needs to have organizational, social, managing, and much more. His job is to be a role model, a moderator, and a protector. He has a crucial role in students development thus his responsibilities much greater. The teacher will thrive and the students will flourish if all of the skills are practiced.