Teach English in Yonghe Zhen - Huanggang Shi

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Name: Farahnaaz Noordien Summative Assessment Topic: 14. Options for Teachers When an individual realise their passion is teaching students they will strive to fulfil it, by planning. Once a teacher received their qualification and start teaching, learning still continues on a day to day basis. Teachers deal with various personalities and different course work depending on the subject for their expertise. Some teachers teach only one subject whereas other teachers specialise in a few subjects. When you start off as a for example a young beginner children phase teacher teaching students after a while can become second nature as you know exactly how to do things. The content might seem to be monotonous but that why furthering your career by maybe studying for example to business teaching. At the end of the day by pursuing a career in teaching have options available to teachers. A teacher can only limit themselves. The same way when you teach a language. As a teacher you will get you course content on what to relay to the class. As a teacher you should know how to relay it to make sure that it will keep the class focussed and interested. It comes once again with options how you as a teacher can make your life easier including the life of a student. As a teacher you should have short term and long term goals. Differentiate on short term make sure that the class complete a certain unit and understand it long term would be testing the class in determining that they do understand what they have been taught by you as a teacher. Teacher can implement games even if it means it would enhance the student to understand a unit better. Teachers can look at stronger students and maybe divide the class into groups and have the stronger students as captains helping the other students. At the end of the day a teacher should want to make sure that each child actively understand what is happening in class and to make each student feel comfortable and encourage each student to participate in events without making them feel despondent. A teacher should bring the best out in a student and by doing that a teacher has option by observing the student carefully in class. The world is ever changing there is always new technology coming on board. Sometimes it would be in the interest of the student to maybe record the lesson and have it shared with the parents for example so that for homework the parents can maybe just practised at home it could cause excitement for children. Once again as a teacher option is also available to interact with other teachers as to what they do differently to achieved certain results. A teacher’s job is never ending and always room for improvement. As a teacher you can always enhance yourself and the way you do things by researching, asking for help from other professionals or simply enrolling yourself at institutions. The options for teachers is very broad indeed, personally and professionally. A teacher is seen as a leader whose there to lead students and make sure students achieved their goals. At the end of the day the guardian, parents and schools simply just want the desired results to be met.