Teach English in BaishA Zhen - Huangshi Shi

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Reading is essential for students that wish to learn another language. By reading books in another language, the students are exposed to more complex grammar and vocabulary. It is crucial as a supplement to lessons since students can sometimes learn more by reading than in a single lesson. Through reading, a student can also learn more intuitive aspects of the language. English is a language known for its intricacies since there are often many colloquialisms, rules, and exceptions, as well as an unfamiliar word order. There are also many words whose meaning is also dependent on context. By combining traditional lessons with outside reading students can learn more in depth English.  Children's books are ideal for students that are starting to learn a language. These low-level books are helpful since they combine beginners level grammar and visuals that give the reader context. By slowly increasing the level of difficulty in the books suggested by the teacher, students can expand their vocabulary and fluency steadily. There is also a benefit in multiple students reading the same books since they would be able to discuss it together. Group reading would also strengthen class bonds since students would have something that they can discuss. Encouraging discussion encourages the use of vocabulary that is both taught in class and that a student may have learned while reading the book.  Allowing students to read freely also enables them to muster literacy on topics that they are most passionate about. Through reading, a student can also learn more about the culture that the native speakers come from. Through learning about the culture from which the language comes from the student will be able to use the language more effectively. This knowledge would potentially make it easier for students to get jobs abroad or apply to universities in English speaking countries. Audiobooks can also be used to help with reading comprehension and pronunciation. Audiobooks allow students to read along while listening to the book. By doing this, students can listen to the pronunciation of words, which enables them to speak more clearly. When combining audiobooks and reading books, a student can learn more in depth language than they will be exposed to in a beginners class.  On a personal note, I moved to another country in 6th grade (11 years old), where I had to learn English. When I moved, I spoke very limited English, but with the assistance of a good teacher and plenty of reading, I was able to increase my test scores significantly. Through reading, I was also able to understand grammar structures that I had not learned in class. I am also dyslexic and had thus had always been a poor speller. Through reading, I was routinely exposed to the correct spelling of words and able to slowly learn them.  In all, reading is the cornerstone of the language learning process. It allows students to become more familiar with language structures. Through encouraging a love of reading, students can gain vocabulary and grammar through reading books that challenge their understanding of the language. When supporting the student to read, it would be useful to reserve 10-15 minutes of class time every once in a while. This time would be used to go over questions on personal reading so that they continue to be encouraged to read.