Teach English in Dongfengnongchang Guanliqu - Huangshi Shi

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A teachers’ competence in the vast variety of teaching skills is a fundamental requirement for a good learning outcome for English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students. It is absolutely important that the teacher provides a range of different teaching techniques to cater to a broad range of students and has confidence in their teaching methods. EFL teachers should have the following characteristics: management, communication, adaptability, and patience, to name a few. As I learned during this course, there are different types of groups may teach in your time, and you must be able to adapt and tailor to fit their needs. For example, when teaching a group of children who are ‘absolute beginners’ who know no English at all, you must go back right to the basics of the alphabet, sounds, pronunciation, basic language. Even before that, you must build rapport with the students. You can go from this demographic to teaching adults ‘Business English’ where the clients have specific needs and required outcomes. The students usually are at a higher level, usually intermediate or advanced (B1, C1, C2 in the Common European Framework). Being able to adapt to teach to both parties requires a range of different skills and methods, and the teacher must be able to identify, prepare lesson plans for, and manage each group. The teacher may also need to adapt the lesson to suit the class if it is not progressing as planned. A very important teaching skill is communication. The teacher must learn how to communicate with each audience appropriately to reach the desired outcome. Some points to note with communication, in regards to teaching English is to be clear and concise when explaining activities, pronouncing words, and generally in every aspect of teaching English. Students tend to learn best from hearing the language being spoken, and they will mimic your pronunciation, therefore you must be correct! This also includes written communication, intonation, and verbal drilling. Another important teaching skill to learn is how to evaluate the students’ work; this is crucial in the learning and development of language. You must monitor your students’ progression and identify their strengths and work on their weaknesses. This will allow you to come up with remedial activities/homework to help them improve in the relevant lacking areas. This can be done during class time activities, or after performing progress tests. The deliverance in correcting their mistakes mustn’t always be negative as this can discourage the student. You do not want to break their confidence and motivation by embarrassment, so it is important to communicate it in a way which will make the student willing to learn and enthusiastic about correcting their mistakes. Most importantly, a teacher must be patient. It can be frustrating when you are trying to teach students and they just aren’t getting it. There are many ways to get around this, like using the variety of resources available. When you build a rapport with students, over the course you should pick up what techniques are effective on different students, or classes. This can be helpful when finding a different way to get the students to understand. A teacher should have the patience and willingness to help struggling members. After all, the teacher is the expert and should be adaptable in order to convey the information for the student to understand. Sincere students will appreciate your efforts. There are many teaching skills that will help you become a better teacher, and you will always continue to learn from time and experience in the classroom. As long as you are motivated and willing to better your skills, you will continue to grow and be the best teacher you can be.