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Motivation can be defined as a driving force which pushes an individual to achieve or accomplish something. According to Maslow motivation describes the wants or needs that direct behavior towards a goal. Hence we see that motivation is essential in our classroom today. It is that driving force that will set the pace for both the teacher and students and get them to do work, to achieve objectives and to reach milestones in education. This driving force is needed in our society today. Over the years teachers have often been blamed for students low performances in both local and external examinations. When students are questioned they will tell you that they were bored or the teacher did not make the lesson interesting. Likewise statistics have also revealed that a teacher who engaged his or her students and uses the interactive strategies will gain better results than the teacher who uses the chalk and talk method. Motivation in the classroom is both dependent on the teacher and the students. However the teacher plays a significant role where motivation of students is concerned.The teacher should be the facilitator of learning and planned lessons that will stimulate and hold the students interest. A teacher who is motivated will definitely influenced his or her students performance. Researches in the field of Education have also revealed that students learn differently, Some student will learn best through auditory means or visually. Similarly some students learn best through the creative arts like Drama, Visual Arts and Physical Education. Some students have to do things in order for them to remember. They will never be able to recall when they are told by the teacher. Lessons that are engaging will hold the students attention and motivate them to do work. When students are involved in activities and are given responsibilities,they will feel like they belong and want to do class work. This type of motivation will help to energize students. They will participate in class activities. The classroom setting or environment is very crucial where motivation in the classroom is concerned.It will determine how students learn. An environment that is print riched can serve as a source of motivation for the student. This type of environment will encourage the students to do work. The teacher has set the foundation so the students will follow or model the teacher's behavior. This kind of environment will stimulate students into action.An atmosphere for learning will be created.Hence we see the significance of motivation in the classroom. A classroom that is motivated will provide very little space for students to be disruptive.Students that are made aware of the goals for learning and see things happening will definitey get involved.It is important for students to know where they are going and what they will achieve.Students will know the teacher's expectation and try to fulfill it.They too would want to accoplish their goals.So the motivated classroom will support positve behaviour.Positive behaviour will achieve good results. Indeed the teacher's attitude can determine learning outcomes in the classroom and can be a source of motivation.Students will react to the teacher's behavior.If the teacher is miserable and unapproachable the students will not respond to him or her easily.There will be a communication barrier.On the other hand if the students feel love and appreciated they will be motivated. They will want to please the teacher.They will alos atend school regularly, even when they are sick they would want to come to school.This type of positive attitude will improve communication as it builds rapport bwtween the teacher and students.This type of attitude can also help to boost students self confidence.Again we see why motivation is important in the classroom. Futhermore motivation in the classroom will aid in the development of the students thinking pattern. ,Students who are motivated can always be given activity that force them to think.They can be given activities that challenge their creativity.When this happens students will always want to do more.They will develop that enquiring mind and will even try to find out things on their own.Hence we see motivation will help with students cognitive developemnt. Finally motivation in the classroom plays a pivotal role in the overall development of the students character.The way the student is pushed, nurtured and eccouraged will determine who they become later on in life. The teacher's motivation can change a students attitude towards a subjec.Based on this a student can even choose a carrer based on that exttra push from the teacher. Motivation in the classroom is a key to students' succeess and learning development.