Teach English in JingtoushAn Nongchang - Huangshi Shi

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T​his is a topic that interests me at several levels. In order to state my positions and views let me state up front I am an American. E​ngland of course is the homeland of the language so for me to call any part of the language as incorrect, example the u in many words such as colour, is arrogant and not a right of mine to make it a point of contention. H​owever there is another valid and reality point that has caused American English to be the linguistic choice of the world, especially in the international business world. That point is an economic and population group of facts. The United States consists of more that fifty percent of the global economy. The U.S. has far more famous and desirable Universities that students from abroad wish to attend. A​ point of fact from a historical perspective, what is English? Reality is there is no language from the past that can really be deemed as English. So many have contributed to the pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar of what we all English today. Whether it be Celtic, Saxony, German, Latin, Greek, French and so on, the best one could say is that English is a blend of many. For American English add to the mix, Spanish, Tribal vocabulary and some French, to even complicate the language even more! B​ecause if this mix learning English is complicated and difficult to learn. The rules of English, always are found with exceptions are sub-rules. The good news for us as teachers, is that it leads to longer term and more opportunities to teach. I think that there is some value in demonstrating to students the past inclusions from other languages into English, which also provides us with history lesson plans that can be included in our syllabuses. I​mage teaching Shakespeare as written by the greatest author in history to students, of course I think it can be done but only to very advanced students that are at a minimum high school students. Since I would find it very difficult we would need to spend a lot of time on every word in every sentence, thus I think it would require a specialist. I think most of these could be found in England, but teachers also could be found in America, but I would want a British teacher because they are closer to the language. L​astly, I want to conclude with what I consider a funny true story. Three of us were living in the Philippines, one Brit, one Aussie and me the American. We used to meet up every Friday night and get a beer and something to eat. We all had a heck of a time completely understanding each other. The Brit & I would look at each other after the Aussie spoke sometimes with the expression, what did he say? Jokes I often never got as they of me, because humor is more culturally related. Idioms were often explained unless there were commonly known, such as "torch", "lift" and "chips". W​e still maintain a bit of contact on Facebook and Skype to this day. but I miss the old days "hangin" with them!