Teach English in Lǜzhou Nongchang - Huangshi Shi

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The series of activities or the lifelong process of developing one’s career are defined as career development. One’s career is crucial to obtain the maximum benefits through the development of each. Teaching career is massive among other professions because this career’s strengths directly affect to the offspring’s future. Needs of the teacher career development is provided by the competitive education in present. Among the characteristics of great teacher, one should be knowledgeable. So, there is a plethora of opportunities to develop their career. Some of them are mentioned as below. - Reaching for higher education opportunities. Teachers are well educated however obtaining higher education may be beneficial for one’s occupation. - Self-studies. The careers can be developed through self-studies. So, many opportunities are there to study more and more by references of resources like teachers’ guide and learning material. As well as there are huge area of searching internet to obtain any information by today. - Local and international training opportunities. According to the occupation requirements training are given by the education authority. Those are may be local and international training. Moreover they may be indoor or outdoor activities. - Peer education. All of them in teaching profession are well educated so one can gain outstanding knowledge by associating each other. - Supervision of an experienced mentor. The best teacher-preparation programs emphasize subject-matter mastery and provide many opportunities under the supervision of an experienced mentor in real classrooms. - Obtaining self-experience through practices. One can gain maximum benefits through those opportunities due to some reasons. So, many evidences are there to determine the important of teacher career development. Then, clarify the reasons why career development in teaching is important. - Personal training requirement of teachers Great students can be helped to create by grate teachers. In fact, research shows that an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important factor influencing student achievements according to the school curriculum, so it is serious to pay close attention to how we train and support both new and experienced teachers to develop their career. - Applying new technology Information communication technology offers that more opportunities to create teaching learning process more success. So, it is essential to have outstanding training applying ICT in education. It increases use of educational technologies - Competitive education in the world Students are prepared which is relevant to modern world. So, it is important to develop the career as who are responsible. - Curriculum needs A curriculum is important in an educational system. It plans how the education process or procedures are going on for a given period of time like a term, session and lesson period. Due to many reasons it can be changed at any time. So, at those times it is essential to conduct career development programs. - Students’ needs Innovative training programs aimed at students who prefer to learn new things. Professional development for a teacher is important for both new and expert teachers. Life-long learning will keep one motivated and thinking positively and will help one to gain the confidence enough to overcome any obstacles that face in the classroom. Teachers and the educational authority have a pivotal role to play in helping students discover their interests, aptitudes and dispositions and to provide role models. Teachers are in an exceptional position to relate what they teach to the world of work and occupational choices. In this regard, every teacher could be developed their career.