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Parents role in Education As a parent, we always want our sons and daughters to have the best future and achieve all their potential, many times, the question arises for most of us "how can I do as a father, to help my child to become more successful?" we know that education is the one of the most important keys to help people in general to have self-control of their lives, and to be able to improve themselves. Many people think that education is only delegated to the teachers, but in fact, is at home where the main influence is given to children, because they can teach with an extra ingredient, the love. Learning is a complex task, since the early stages of the kid, the parents can transmit the feeling to the child that he or she is not alone on the way of getting new information, making the kid feel more confident and with security against the new everyday challenges. By telling them the responsibilities, what is expected form them, teaching them to become aware of the school duties the kid has a clear goal and understands the steps that must be done to achieve it. Parents transmit the values and are the strongest influence on the kids, helping the kid in the learning process can also help the parents to a better comprehension of the learning process, some authors (Svenson and Baker 1987) found that the kids whose parents have an active participation role in the education, have a better performance than those whose parents were not involved. some of the tips about helping kids with their Activities are: -Helping them with the homework. Making him to feel the support and confidence when facing issues. -Good communication with the teachers to know about the behavior and the performance of the kid, -Helping in the preparation for an important exam, to avoid the kid feeling alone if some issues is present -Make question to the principal or the teacher to know about some issue that you have seen in your kid. -Control the time that the children spend on television and videogames and even internet, too much television could avoid the children to learn important things or distract from school duties. -Help kids to read and encourage to spend time everyday doing it, this will create the habit that will be helpful all the life -Talk and listen to the children, this way the language skills and trust in the parents will improve, it also helps the kids to learn how to follow instructions and that is going to be useful at school. -Helping the kid to be independent, aware that the duties must to be done on time. -know the school of the child, to see if there are some risk zones that the kid should avoid -Talk to the child's teacher, creating a good communication way, allowing the teacher to be in touch with the parent if some issue appears. Self-esteem, creation of educational and school expectations will also been influence by the participation of the parents, creating independence to the kid as the time goes by in the learning process. In conclusion, the influence of the parents in education should be one of the most important topics to improve in all schools to make a better society in our days.