Teach English in Bikeqi Zhen - Huhehaote Shi — Hohhot

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Discipline is one of the component when talking about teaching. It includes routines, rules and consequences. This one way for the teacher to involve students in learning. Unorganized classroom without any rules and regulations makes teacher difficult to the job. Students don’t know their expectations, so they might carried away and no directions, as a result noise and rumble while. doing the task. To go away with this, the class must be organize and conducive learning environment that students feel the are comfortable and safe. Teacher must use the time efficiently as to creating routines and procedures. When it is already a routine everyday, it just going smooth and students know what to do and no need to remind them from time to time. Consistency can be a factor. Students know what to expect every day when it comes to the routine activities. They may fare better when the teacher set an expectations for daily tasks. Furthermore, good classroom management start with the positive attitude of the teacher. Establishing relationships with the students at the opening of the school year. Ensuring that all students feel the sense of belonging characterized by trust, connection, and understanding. Teacher can talk to students one-on-one to know them better, give them opportunity to share their interests, greet them along the way. After establishing relationships, it must be maintained every moment. Because sometimes, teachers may focus too much on academics and unconsciously ignore students’ emotions, beliefs and attitudes. Always note their positive and negative reactions, always ask them if something going wrong and acknowledge the good deeds they have done. As a teacher, you must always be a model in using polite languages, eye contact, let everyone talk uninterrupted and always response in a respectful manner. Make rules together with the students, in order for them to suggest what they want to happen. Avoid punishing the class, sometimes you can hurt students who are performing well. Always do it in a friendly manner. Promote growth mindset, and inject variety into your lessons, by allowing students to work ahead and deliver short presentations to share take-away points. Praise students for the job well done, as doing so improves academic and behavioral performance. It can inspire the class, improve a student’s self-esteem and reinforce rules and values you want to see. Giving rewards can be a good classroom management. It can motivate and reinforce students’ achievements. Making positive phone calls to their parents and sending complimentary notes for the job well done throughout the day. It can make pupils happy even in a small appreciation. Encourage students to use the Educational Technology which is the current trends of education. Using games and videos in teaching can arouse the interest of every students to behaved and enjoy what they are doing. Also, ask the students from time t time by asking them their favorite lessons, activities or what help them focus to know if they are still good or not. Lastly, good classroom management is how the teacher handle it. With positive mindset, helping hand and caring heart will make the students follow and behave according to the rules and regulations. For this, students can be a productive individual with a developed mind, hand, heart and soul.