Teach English in Huhehaoteruyi KAifAqu Nanqu - Huhehaote Shi — Hohhot

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Being a teacher is one of the most privileged profession there is in the world, full of great learning experiences and a continuous special motivation. But when you are in a position of teaching you are on a platform for a lot more than just teaching; You actually have the opportunity to help someone´s life change. That implies a lot of commitment and responsibility. I remember when I was in highschool I had a terrible English teacher, his name was Mr. Marshall. I was coming from a not bilingual school to this new bilingual school and even though I had English particular classes every day on the evenings it was tremendously difficult for me to catch on with the lessons, but instead of having his support, I only received from him, unrespectful treats, not motivation at all and above all bad notes all the time , which affected me a lot. I remember he said laughing “You will never be able to speak English. Forget about it”. Well, I not only learnt English, but I also lived in Boston for a while and studied theater there, and later on I started teaching acting in english for kids and for adults as well, not only in the States but in other countries as well. I also started teaching Spanish as a second language to an English speaking lady. That was an interesting way to approach my own language in order to teach it accordingly to her needs when she was living in Mexico. It was a lot of fun too, and she learnt a lot. But probably I have gotten most of my teaching experience from those days with my english acting classes. It was great! And a very rewarding and amazing time. It required of me a lot of commitment with my students, exploring a lot of ways to make the class always different and interesting, but at the same time having to be clear to set the levels of acting that they could achieve with a lot of practice exercises, some acting theories to explore, improvisation, techniques and projects to realize at the end of the course, which they could do it on film, video, or theatre as well. It forced me to study a lot to try to be always prepared for them. I remember those days as very active, interesting, gratifying and fun, and I think I did a good job; I was happy with my students achievements and a lot of them end up working as professional actors in different media and theatre. Even some of the kids, grew older and they are actors now. Two of the adult students are teaching acting now, and although some other students didn´t become professional actors, they still tell me that the classes were very inspirational for their lives in ways that inspired them to face life in a more creative way. I think that is fabulous! I´m still in touch with a lot of my students who are now my friends and I think that’s because in those day I try to really teach them good acting in a clear and fun way, but basically because we had a deal based on trust! ….. Trust in me, trust in them, trust in each other. They had to feel safe in order to be willing to explore and risk with options when we were improvising or preparing a project. I even let them alone (not been watched) when they had to take their theory test at the end of the course, and I told them “ I trust you…. You wont cheat basically for two reasons; One is because if you do, you would do it to yourself, but also because you don´t want to betray your friends and me”. I left the class and they stay for 3 hours doing the test. I was planning on moving to Spain soon so I thought taking this course would help me as a tool for making a life there, teaching English, but I am no longer moving there, I am moving to Mérida, which is another state in México at the Yucatan peninsula where I could teach some English in schools or in a particular manner (one to one), or even for an English teaching on line company, who knows….. And probably I could teach some Spanish as well, since there are a lot of English speaking people from different countries living and moving there. I think this course will be of great help for that plan.