Teach English in NeimengguwuchuAn Jingji KAifAqu - Huhehaote Shi — Hohhot

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What makes English valuable as a global language? All over the world, the knowledge of the English language has become a valuable commodity for many prospective businessman and aspiring academics as well as people who seek to find success for themselves. Knowledge of English has become a game changer in the modern world. This has become evident in a large variety of industries, from the corporate world and engineering, then even stretching into the medical and legal fields. Knowledge of English has become an essential part of the resume of a top tier job candidate all over the developing world. Attendance at a university in an English speaking country is often the end goal of a student learning the English language, but this process starts early at English language schools for young learners. Therefore an English language teacher should recognize that they are an integral part of the process for young or even older learners, and helping these learners to build the tools for success in the English speaking world. Thus laying out the basics of the language and advancing those students abilities to expand their fluency in the language. In an increasingly connected world, English has seemingly solidified itself as the global language of Academia, social media, and trade. While other languages including Spanish and Mandarin have also been on the rise, English’s global dominance seems to be ever expanding and shows no sign of stopping. The introduction of English language social media, often maintained by American companies, truly shows the scope of the English language and puts those with a knowledge of the language in a connected bubble with enormous economic and social benefits. Therefore, for an average community in the developing world, having their aspiring youth learn the language is a key for success both for families and individuals alike. It is important to note that for many learners, English can be a strange and difficult concept to grasp, that is why it has become critical for families to start their children at a young age in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of a language that would otherwise be incredibly difficult to grasp. There are some advantages to the widespread use of English, as the language does not include noun genders which could otherwise add further confusion. There is a stereotype with some truth to it that native English speakers are unwilling to learn other languages as they are in a position of privilege with the widespread use of their own language. It does seem evident though; that with the increasing use of the language around the world, native English speakers would then have an easier time connecting with other cultures and then gaining an incentive of their own to immerse themselves in those cultures and use that opportunity to pick up on other languages as well. This state of widespread usage of the English language has allowed for numerous opportunities for cross cultural connections to develop. Therefore bringing the world closer together and reducing perceived differences worldwide. Overall, it is evident that the global usage of English has allowed for increased abilities for people all over the world to find success through a common understanding of shared language. So what is it that makes English valuable as a global Language? It is the widespread use of the language for a variety of purposes, as well as the desire for learning the language among people seeking better opportunities worldwide.