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Level:Beginner or low intermediate Time:60mins Teaching aids:Pictures of people spending their free time Language point:learn frequency of adverbs to tell how often they do something,from frequency of0% to frequency of100% -Frequency of 0%to30%:never,rarely,seldom,occasionally -Frequency of40%to80%:sometimes,often,frequently -Frequency of 90%to100%:usually,always Specific language skills:Mainly speaking with little bit of vocabulary Student learning objective -By the end of the lesson,all students will be able to accurately express how often they do their hobbies in their free time by using different types of frequency adverbs such as (never,rarely,seldom,sometimes,usually,always,etc)by doing the following activities: cloze map activity about frequency adverbs,gap-filling activity,interview activity,partner introduction activity Assessment Students' understanding about different type of frequency adverbs and when to use them will be assessed by cloze activity.In order to internalize the use of frequency adverbs self-interview activity about themselves will be used as a means of controlled pratice. When students become familiar with frequency adverbs,pair-interviw activity will be given as a task to help personalize the target language. Challenges and solutions -Challenges :some students don't have enough vocabulary backgrounds to use to describe their hobbies. -Solutions:By giving students more vocabulary about various hobbies,learns will have some new words they can use such as(work-out,social club,couch potato)to describe what their hobbies are Step 1 (Engage)(10mins)(Interaction T-S) *Procedure Welcome students and establish context of use by showing pictures of me doing my hobby in my free time. explain the picture by using frequency adverb(eg.I (usually)exercise in my free time)and ask students question like:What do you do in yhour free time?,how often do you do yur hobby or activity? *Activity purpose 1.Activate Scheme 2.Establish context of use 3.Generate interest about the topic 4.Build rapport 5.Listening before speaking Step2(Study)(25mins)(Interaction T-S) *Procedure (Brain storming) Ask students about various types of activities and hobbies they can do in their free time. Show pictures about some hobbies or activities they can do in their free time,such as work-out,social club,couch potato and binge drinking with words and English definitions about them. Explanation about different types of frequency adverbs: Students understand and distinguish differences between various frequency adverbs.And some important rules of specific adverbs will be given. Things like you can't use negative words(not,never)with rarely and seldom. Cloze map activity: Students are asked to fill the clozes in the pyramid. The pyramid is divided into different stages depends on the percentage of frequency. *Activity purpose 1.Check students'background knowledge about words to describe their hobbies or activities 2.Give new lexis they can use for other activities in advance Step3(Activate1)(15mins)(Interaction S-S) *Procedure (Gap filling questions) Explanations about different location of frequency adverbs which depends on whether be-verb or general verb is used are given to students. Students asked to fill the gap which frequency adverbs have to fit in (I____go to gym in my free time.She_____drinks coffee.They_____sing in their free time) Students will be given a work sheet that is in a form of interview report. The report will include some sentences with blank and some hints will be given to let students know what to fill in. Students have to fill in the blank with the information about themselves. Questions would like this (I____in my free time.I____in/at (where you do it).I_____because____(why you do it) *Activity purpose 1.Have students practically apply target language in the context to give better understanding about the sentence structure where frequency adverbs are used. Step4(Activate2)(10min)(InteractionS-S) *Procedure Pair-interview activity: Students will make a pair and ask questions based on the topics of interview work sheet they have written. Questions like:What do you do in your free time? How often do you do? What makes you do it? will be dealt with. They will be asked to give correction of they find any mistake from their partner's statements. *Activity purpose 1.Reinforce usage of the target language 2.Give students further autonomy to use lexis in a personalized way 3.Make peer assessment to happen for effective correction Partner introduciton activity: One person from each pair has to come out to the front and introduce their partener with the information they have gotten from previous activity. They are allowed to give more information which is not about hobbies or what their partners do in their free time. *Activity purpose 1.Provides students the task that allows them to demonstrate their mastery of the target language with whole class. 2.Sustain interest by talking about their partners.