Teach English in Shenglejingji Gongye Yuanqu - Huhehaote Shi — Hohhot

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One of the noblest professions in our history is and always has been teaching. A teacher is someone that ensures knowledge is not lost and is continuously passed on to the next generation, therefore, the survival of an entire culture could depend on the quality of its educators. The teacher’s main role is to teach, but a good one would also guide, and a great one would inspire their students. The topics or themes of what is being taught may vary, however, the fundamental duty of an instructor will always remain the same, to educate. Only the degree of involvement and dedication will determine the quality of an instructor, which in turn, will improve the overall society for it will produce a greater generation of students. First and foremost, the core function of a teacher is to teach. His main duty is to pass on the knowledge to his pupils. The level of mastery in his field will directly affect the effectiveness of this undertaking. A knowledgeable teacher will result in a higher caliber of the students. The privilege of having a teacher is sometimes taken for granted, in some cultures, it is considered an entitlement, for some crafts are being kept secret and are only passed on to a selected few. In the twenty-first century, there are institutions for all sorts of training, it is so present in our society that we might forget the rudimentary of it all, the importance of willingness to instruct. It may take years and tremendous dedication for a person to master a practice, to share it all back without the prestige and status in the modern society, they should be appreciated, or to the very least, be acknowledged. Luckily, the lack of fame and status does not deter some people from pursuing this humble profession. Secondly, a more dedicated teacher would not simply present the information to their pupils. Another significant role of a teacher is to guide their pupils through the learning process. It might be difficult for a complete beginner to dwell on a new subject. Just with information alone, it could be overwhelming and will most likely discourage a person from pursuing further. A good teacher would help that person navigate through the sea of data and make it less intimidating. In a lot of cultures, the apprenticeship could last years or decades. These processes create a new bond between master and apprentice that are considered to be stronger than those of parent and child. These masters are the ones that raise and shape these disciples into the professionals that they will become. In our modern society, however, the learning condition may not be as drastic, but deep down, the principles remain the same, the teachers affect deeply their students' future. A student is molded by their instructors throughout their entire life, the impact it has will go beyond knowledge alone, the learner's personality, beliefs, and values are likely to be affected as well. The pivotal role of an educator can be vital to the future itself, for it will affect the manner that knowledge is absorbed, used, and eventually, pass on again to the next generation. Furthermore, when teachers are captivating enough, they will naturally reach the next level which is to inspire their students. This will allow the learners to be self-sufficient and continue to further the development of their skills and ultimately, contribute to the improvement of their respective fields of specialization. The fundamental role of a teacher, as previously discussed, is to instruct, however, the pursuit of knowledge would not evolve if it was to stop there. There will be no new inventions, techniques, nor ideas, humanity's progress will come to a halt at some point in history, and enlightenment would cease. Luckily, we have passionated individuals that can stimulate the thirst of learning in those they teach, thus, pushing the boundary of their mastery farther, allowing progress and understandings to continue. It is a rare and valuable trait to have, the ability to motivate. Some would say that one must be born with that characteristic and it cannot be developed, yet we can see time and again that those who are fiercely dedicated to their craft can easily inspire others to follow just by example alone. That is the sign of a great teacher, they love their profession, their passions would inspire others to pursue further and grow beyond the limit of their instructions. In the end, teaching remains a humble profession that neither bring fame or fortune, nevertheless, it is an essential vocation that is vital to our society. A person pursuing such a career must be dedicated and passionate to it, they teach, guide, and inspire. They do not shape the future, but the minds that do. That idea should be rewarding enough for those truly in love with this line of work. Satisfaction can only be found in this altruistic manner.