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Among all the other resources, flashcards are one of the greatest and most used teaching tools. Teaching with flashcards is always fun and helpful especially, when you teach young learners and need activity, that will keep kids attention for a long time and won’t require a lot of preparation or extra materials. Besides, using flashcards we can teach not only a variety of different thing such as new vocabulary or practice pronunciation, but also involve students to take part in class activity. My kids really like to learn new material with flashcards, cause bright, lovely pictures attract their attention, they are happy and learn new material easier and faster. They also know that after presentation of new vocabulary, we will play some flashcard games. I know they love it and always looking forward to play a new interesting game. Here are 5 my top favorite games in the classroom. The River’s Stones Line the flashcards in a curving row with space between on the floor. Student jump from one flash card to another one and name them. If, they don’t know or forget the word on flashcard, they sink in the river and should start their way from the beginning, until they name all the flashcards correctly. Rain, Rain go away! To play this game you need an umbrella. Take your umbrella and fix flashcards to it. Student roll the umbrella above his had and sing a song “Rain, rain, go away…” when the song comes to the end, he stops the umbrella and name the word in front of his face. Children really love this game and remember all the songs and new words easily. You can sing any song you like. Musical Chairs You need chairs to play this game. Put chairs in a circle. The quantity of chairs should be one fewer than the quantity of the students. Make students to stand in a circle on the outside the chairs. When you start to play the music, the students start moving around them, when you pause the music, students look for a seat to sit in. The one who doesn’t find a seat name a flashcard. Play until you have one student left, he is the winner. There is another variant of the game, without winners and losers. Put quantity of chairs equal to quantity of students. Put flashcard under every chair. When the music stops, students should say the flashcard on the chair. You can tell them to do different actions as well, fro example: jump, run, waddle, tip toe, etc.around the circle of chairs. Telephone Stick some flashcards on the blackboard. Mave the children stand in a line. Choose a word and whisper it to the first student. That student then whispers it to the next student and so on. The child at the end of the line should run and bring you the correct flashcard. Repeat, making sure to rotate the children in the line so that they all have a chance to find a card. Simon Says Stick flshcards on the wall at the level, so that students could touch them. You say « Simon says, find (the Sun)». Children should run to find the Sun flashcard. When you give instructions without key words «Simon says», childen should stay where they are. If they do go running, give them a task to do( e.g 10 jumps, dance like a monkey, etc. depends on their age.)