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Establishing a rapport with students is arguably one of the most important aspects of teaching, and can make all the difference in the learning environment. Building rapport should start on the first day of class, as it sets the tone for what is to follow, and can greatly influence students, and continue throughout the entire school term. Taking the time to get to know the students is a crucial step during the first few interactions, in order to establish trust needed for productive and effective communications in the future. Students are much more likely to open up and provide helpful information about themselves and their situation when feeling comfortable with the teacher. It is also important for students to know that the teacher cares about their well-being, and that they want them to achieve success, and to be able to get to know them well enough to understand their objectives, and able to communicate and help achieve their goals. Here are some effective practical suggestions any teacher can do to help build rapport with students. Learn the names of everyone in the class: Learning students names is a pivotal first step towards encouraging communication in class, being able to address every student personally is extremely useful. The Use of Group Activities: Students can be shy and uncomfortable participating in class, so group activities and games can be a great way to avoid any awkwardness. Examples of these games are charades, hangman, puzzles and pictionary. Speaking in front of the class with a group is so much easier for a lot of students than presenting it alone, and hopefully that will encourage students to speak up on their own in time. Apologise for any mistakes made: Apologising to students when a mistake is made is essential. Firstly, it shows that the teacher takes accountability for their actions in the very same way that you expect them to. Also, it encourages trust between teacher and student which is key in a learning environment. Adding some humor to the lessons: A little humor can go a long way. Amusing anecdotes or personal stories create a casual and calming atmosphere in the classroom. You can’t really expect your students to open up if you're too serious. While still maintaining an element of professionalism, displaying a little bit about yourself can be a great way to encourage rapport with your students, and will motivate your students to feel comfortable doing the same. Showing some empathy: Demonstrates to the students that a teacher can see their point of view. When you show students you understand and respect their needs, you build mutual trust and rapport. Being empathetic will help to achieve this. Learning about Students Interests: Learn something about the students interests, hobbies, and aspirations. Encourage them to talk about what they like to do in their spare time and incorporate them into some lessons to add variety and to keep motivation levels high. Being there for them: Being available to students tells them that you are interested in them and their success. Always show up early for class and stay late if need be, to allow time for students to converse with you about any help with school-work or problems they are having that need to be resolved. All things considered, building rapport with students will always be challenging, particularly with a trainee. However, over time and repetition a teacher will gain more confidence and be more effective at it, which will result in more successful learning for the students. As long as the teacher puts in the time and effort, the students experience in the classroom will be a rewarding one, which is the main goal as a teacher.