Teach English in BaoshAn Zhen - Hulunbei'er Shi — Hulunbuir

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As for me, being an English teacher is a challenge. Young kids are quite curious and active, they are always intrigued by their environment and wants to touch around, therefore I am expected to be responsible for their physical well-being as well. Besides, I need to help young kids to obtain social skills, personal courtesy and respect to others, which is from one perspective, is more essential in early education. Young children do not know about the advantages of learning English ,for whom, language is just a set of puzzle that made of words, characters and images.They won't see learning a language as a key factor for future successful or as the universal medium of communication. Kids learn if they are interested in, without pressure. Therefore,to being efficient, classes should be student-centered and as interesting as possible. Creating a comfortable classroom environment is the least of what an English teacher should do, besides delivering the contents in a way which kids absorbs them naturally. Children do not start studying the alphabet and grammar right away, at first they learn to catch up words&phrases; and speak by mimicing. They tend to imitate the words they hear, that’s is the mechanism of early language learning. So, it is well known that learning English is more effective if it started from an early age. The older they are the more time and energy they will be needing to pick up a foreign language. So comparatively, a child who started to learn at an early age will be able to use it faster merely by using language instinct, without checking the grammar or pronunciation. Learning English in a proper class, not only helps to develop children's educational level, but also extends their cultural recognition. In my perspective, creating an English speaking environment throughout the day including inside the classroom and in playground, canteen etc is a crucial and yet basic skill for a kindergarten teacher, because it should never be neglected that language is one of a million things that young kids learn by interacting with their surroundings. By embedding the English vocabulary to the environment, teachers can teach vocabulary faster. Up to six years, it will be a huge burden for children to accept abstract rules, learning spelling and grammar, when there is better way of learning new words in a through songs, dances and games. In order for the classes to be effective but not boring, the children must be self-motivated. If the lessons are felt as a duty or forced, then they can quickly get tired, not to mention learning anything new in the class. Gamification is a perfect way of raising students interest and keeping it throughout the process of learning, since language studies usually take years and enormous patience. There are various types of games, the common ones are situational, competitive and musical. Situational games are the ones that reproduce situations from real life. Competitive games create situations that test how well the children have learned the material. At the same time, competitive games contains elements of competition and reward. There are many options for competitive games such as team board games, crosswords, linguistic puzzles and so on. Musical games are all kinds of games includes singing and dancing. What is more, there are also other types of games, such as drawing, hand craft, coloring, cutting, and poetry. Most games require creativity so it helps enourmously to vocabulary building and communicating.Note that key words should be demonstrated clearly before a game. Besides flashcards, physical objects, pictures and toys also can be used during a class. The variety and complexity of games are limited only by the imagination of the teacher and the children. There are a lot of methods of teaching English to young children, and a teacher should choose the proper technique that will be interesting to the children. A skillful teacher with a vivid imaginative mind will enrich the curriculum with the games and interesting challenges, English will fuse into the children’s lives. At the end, I have to say that teaching English in kindergarten is a fascinating experience. A kindergarten teachers help the children to learn to cope with earliest real life situations, massively influencing children’s lives, therefore this is a sacred and serious moral duty as well. “A teacher is a human soul engineer”, I found that spreading the seeds of virtue and righteousness into the future generation and watching them grow day by day is a noble experience, and it is my way of contributing to creating a better world.