Teach English in Boketu Zhen - Hulunbei'er Shi — Hulunbuir

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Today, learning English from kindergarten age can be truly essential because new languages helps them develop thinking and their left hemisphere. With my two and a half year experience in teaching kids, children are like a blank sheet of papers; for this reason, teachers are required not only having good basic knowledge but having also the suitable behaviour and skills. Firstly, the easiest thing to create a friendly environment for children is to decorate the classroom with colorful posters, cartoon and use some of students handy-work, ect. Teachers should design the tables, chairs and other items to fit to the physical level (their height or weight). Secondly, in teaching children, teachers must be very patient, energetic, and have good behavior. In daily behaviour, teachers should regularly give these positive encouragement by compliments likes “good job, excellent, great, try your best, ect” and smile at them. Teachers also keep sets of reward stickers or small gilfs to give out as rewards for good work and behavior. Moreover, teachers should never impose severe punishments on kids which is completely ineffective and merely their generates antagonism. For example, you always point at your student's face and scream everyday, that child will surely behave the same way to everyone around them. Furthermore, Teachers should not favor anyone because children are very sensitive to unfairness which simple increases the child’s anxiety level and lessens their language learning capacity. Thirdly, Teaching skills for children have important notes for an effective lesson. Teachers should speak slowly and clearly when giving students instructions for activities or classroom tasks. Teachers do not translate their native language and try to use the short sentences structures with the simple vocabulary. In the class, using names of people rather than pronouns makes attention to the students and creates closer family bond between the teacher and the student. From that, teachers understand the ability of each student to apply for team work, which means the combination of good and bad students to improve together. For the basic knowledge of teaching children, its subject focus on the time of speaking, vocabulary and listening. So, a slower, more clearly pronounced delivery and using of a higher pitch and exaggerated intonation are good. Finally, this part based on age characteristics of young age that teachers apply the appropriate methods in teaching. Children are very bored easily and less concentration for as long as adults. The teacher's task should prepare the lessons fun, varied, lively, involving and interesting, keep activities short and vary them as often as possible. Children possess an innate curiosity, which is in itself a motivating factor. So, the best way is good body language of teachers to seek attention. Teachers should prepare to make fun of theirself, teach by example or actions, interact with students by “high five” and smiling. Using plenty of games keep children active; hence, teachers should be creative and flexible to join with them in the classroom. Because of children love competition and winning or amassing points, playing simple activities help them try to memorize the lessons to win in games. There are many interesting games that teachers should use for students such as “skicky ball game”, “picture word match race”, “silly fun”, etc. Besides, in imitating characteristics of children, teachers can also apply in teaching methods, who use English commands by action to help children remember better. Summary, children have high energy levels and it is certain that they will cause some troubles. So, teachers must love children and be dynamic person. Teaching English for children is not only a language teaching but also a way to teach behavior through lessons.