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In the modern world the process of globalization has influenced our life in the way that English is heard everywhere, not only in the countries which relate somehow to Great Britain or the USA. English is employed in such spheres as politics, science, education, business, art and many others. Moreover, nowadays English is more used as a means of communication by non-native speakers than native ones. Due to all of the above this language can be considered a lingua franсa, i.e. a common communicative tool drawn on by people from different cultures. A lot of companies require their employees to be able to communicate in English, and it concerns not only international companies but some local ones as well. That is why every year the number of people who study this foreign language for their career prospects is increasing dramatically. In this essay I will outline several evidences why it is necessary to study English in order to succeed in the career. The key issue in any kind of successful promotion is to get a degree from a respectful university or college. Not surprisingly, English is necessary in the sphere of education. It is obvious, that in order to enter an educational institution in the USA or Europe entrants have to be able to speak English. Furthermore, to be a competent member of global space some countries promote the policy of multilingual education. It means that lectures and other types of classes are conducted not only in students’ native language, but also in English. Namely Kazakhstan, the country where I am from, follows such kind of policy. To join a Master or PhD program here people have to sit English exam and gain a necessary band. It is required because postgraduates have to cope with a host of articles published by outstanding representatives of international scientific society and be able to go for internship to other countries to exchange international experience. Having a Master or PhD degree can assist not only people who want to be employed in educational institutions in their career prospects, it can be very helpful in any sphere of business, industry or others. A lot of people, especially young ones, associate successful career with moving abroad and working for a big international company. Today it has become much easier to set up business relationships with companies situated in different countries due to the fact that means of communication have become more efficient. Being employed by top-rated global companies guaranties being highly paid and being able to increase your professional level all the time. Major international businesses have their branches all over the world. Apparently, such kind of enterprises employ people from different cultures speaking different languages. They have to have a common language to cooperate effectively. And this language is undoubtedly English. To meet the requirements of an international business people have to be not only extremely skilful at their trade, but also be fluent at English to interact with the colleagues on some professional topics. But going to another country to become a member of international professional society is not the only way to be promoted. These days telecommuting is becoming increasingly popular because of the development of the Internet. This type of professions includes copywriters, programmers, translators and many others. Although it is possible to work with local customers, it sets some limits and unlikely to be well paid. Being able to join the global market means having more clientele and higher payments, which can be achieved by knowing English. To sum up, I would like to say that in the contemporary society English has become not just a school subject, but also an international language spoken everywhere and in every sphere of our life. No matter whether people go abroad or work remotely using their computers, whether they are good at programming or teaching, it is important to them to speak English fluently and accurately. If people limit themselves by speaking only their mother tongue and prevent themselves from studying the foreign language, it means they limit their career prospects, professional development and their wages. Communicating in English is an up-to-date demand because our world is becoming closer and more accessible and we need to deploy such a tool to be competitive.