Teach English in DahewAn Zhen - Hulunbei'er Shi — Hulunbuir

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For my task, I am looking to combine the following topics: 130. Is teaching ESL/EFL online convenient, 34. Teaching EFL in a Kindergarten, 10. Problems for learners in a country of your choice, and 7. Online TEFL courses vs onsite TEFL courses. I am currently undergoing a new transition in life, what my wife calls “a 5-year cycle in life”. I have been a Business Development Manager for close to 10 years with a big corporation, Toyota. It was time for a change, and in quarter 2 of 2019 I left to pursue something that would be more meaningful in life. My wife has family in China and once a year we will visit her family. The journey for me started in 2014 when I first visited China. These past few years when I went to China, my wife’s friends were explaining how Education Center is becoming a big hit in China and they wanted me to open a center to teach their kids. Even when I explained to them that I am not a teacher they were still happy to have me watch over their children! In 2017, I was curious and applied for a position at an Education center; wanting to know how the process works, and how much they pay foreign teachers. The pay is considerably less than what I earned in Australia as a BDM but what was surprising is the amount of money parents pay in China to have their kids go to a 1-hour session, 2-3 times a week. The cost to attend a course is enormous and that made me think “what about the other kids who were not fortunate enough to attend these Education Centers? And here lies my idea to have an affordable center that provides the lower – middle income family the opportunity to receive exposure to the English language. I am working diligently to receive my TEFL certificate, the goal is to then apply for an online job teaching kids and determining this is exactly what I am after; to obtain experience and gain an understand as to what is required to provide value as a teacher. My idea is to open a small center in China while I am here in Australia. I will hire a local/ teaching assistant to watch over the kids and luckily, we have family that can help with the operation in China. I will provide instructions and teach over the internet; imagine projectors, small room at my house decorated for the lessons. This is the basic idea and I understand there will be plenty of obstacles. My family and I are going to China towards the middle of 2020, the goal is for me to start teaching online so I can get a feel as to what teaching is all about, to get the necessary experience in order for me to formulate a teaching plan to provide some volunteer work while I am in China this year. The aim is to get myself out to the local communities, to get an understanding as to whether they are willing to send their kids to my center even though I will be teaching online and not physically present. By now you should have a clearer understanding to why I have combined the 4 topics for my Summative task. There are so many questions to answers with my plan proposal. Am I suited to teach a room full of children? I have been dealing with business owners, departmental managers, and key stakeholders. Now I am asking myself to teach little kids?! Children in general would benefit from personal attention and care, will it work for the teaching assistant to provide this care while they see the main teacher on a projector screen? Too many things to consider, I will take it one step at a time. For now, my focus will be the following: 1. Get certified for TEFL 2. Find an online job teaching kids and business English to receive some income – Are you able to help me to find some work? 3. There are plenty of references for materials that I can use – Are these all free and available to use? Should I be worried about any copy right issues? 4. Find a good mentor to help me with my transition into being a teacher, and to provide me with suggestions for my goals moving forward. It was fun and exhausting completing this course, especially with Christmas and New Year in between. I am looking forward to actual practical experiences now.