Teach English in GAnhe Zhen - Hulunbei'er Shi — Hulunbuir

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Given their primary involvement in educating, influencing and guiding children and youth-the future leaders of a society, teachers play a vital and significant role in nation-building. The old adage that destiny of a nation is shaped in its classrooms is a recognition of this fact because classrooms-the incubators of new ideas, concepts and innovative thinking- are only as good as their teachers are. As role models, gateways to knowledge, and towering beacons of inspiration and guidance for their students, teachers, in their crucial role as nation-builders, are constantly at work in molding, motivating and mentoring young impressionable minds. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the world’s great personalities would not have made valuable contributions in their respective fields of work, if they did not have great teachers. During formative phase of their lives, children invariably come in contact with teachers. Therefore, after parents, teachers are the most important role models for them. Both words and actions of a teacher leave indelible marks and long-lasting influence on his students. Teachers play a central role in character-building of children and inculcating the moral sense of right and wrong. They also help their students to understand the surrounding world in which they find themselves and ascertain the purpose of their existence. It is no coincidence that when one peruses history of world religions, one finds that prophets and preachers often presented themselves as teachers. If knowledge is key to success in world, teachers are the gatekeepers to it. Teachers help children understand complex working of the universe and its different mechanisms. They expose their students to different disciplines of knowledge, and help them to identify and explore their areas of interest. In doing so, they also play a vital role in instilling a spirit of inquiry, critical thinking and curiosity in their students, which, in the bigger picture, act as engine of innovation, research and development in today’s technological era. Moreover, teachers, by imparting the required knowledge and skills set, produce future doctors, engineers and economists, thus contributing towards the overall socio-economic progress and well-being of a nation. It would be myopic to see teachers only as a source of knowledge and information. As human beings, we always need inspiration and guidance to excel and progress in life. It is against this context that the sacred relationship between a teacher and student comes into play. There would have been no Plato without Socrates, and no Aristotle without Plato. Fully aware of the individual strengths and weaknesses of their students, teachers encourage them to do better, work harder and achieve more. Leading through example and sound counsel, they coach them about the harsher aspects of life while simultaneously giving them the confidence and guidance for surmounting them with grit and determination. For a teacher to efficiently and effectively carry out the significant responsibilities that he shoulder, he should possess certain attributes. One, a good teacher is always patient and compassionate. He never loses temper when teaching, rather tries to see things from students’ perspective. Second, he is dedicated to his work. He comes prepared for his class and makes his best efforts that his students leave the room more enlightened in his subject of teaching. Third, a good teacher is a keen observer and a great communicator. He knows all his students well: inter alia, their strong and weak areas, their interests and hobbies. He tries to connect with each of them at an individual level. For this, a good teacher should have great communication skills so that he conveys his message clearly to students, hailing from different backgrounds. While one may have great expectations from pedagogy, its ability to deliver is, to a varying degree and extent, influenced by the support it receives from the government. In this regard, it is important that adequate resources are allocated to education sector on priority basis; teachers are properly trained, including in new techniques of instruction; and teachers have job/financial security. Teachers are, in true sense, nation-builders. In their functions as knowledge-givers, character-builders and guiders, they are like a ladder, which, while staying at its place, provides opportunities to others to rise and shine. In order to fully tap into their potential, teachers should be fully supported by the government. It is a wise and sound investment because a good teacher has the unique ability to produce thousands of enlightened, skilled and law-abiding citizens, who can then contribute towards social, economic and political development and progress of a nation, and in fact, of the entire humanity.