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It is the intention of this writer to explore and answer the question of responsibility for classroom problems. It was the early 1980’s and medical technology was moving at a rapid pace. As a Registered Professional Nurse specializing in Intensive Care, I was highly recognized for my knowledge in Respiratory Therapy. This was an area of medicine that was moving at lightning speed and experienced professionals where highly sought by the medical community for management and teaching roles. When I was first approached to teach at a School of Respiratory Therapy, I had my reservations. While I was confident in my knowledge of the subject matter, I had no teaching or presentation experience. Unfortunately, after much deliberation, I took the job. I say unfortunately, because I would quickly learn that I did not possess the skills needed. Looking back, I realize almost everything I did in the classroom was counter productive to a learning experience and I quickly suffered job dissatisfaction. I was not prepared to create a course curriculum, and I lacked teaching and presentation skills. Most important, there was a lack of common social skills. My presence in the classroom was more disruptive than beneficial. I quickly realized I was not prepared to teach and left the institution. Fortunately, over time, I was able to learn from my mistakes and I went on to teach a variety of subject matter successfully. In addition, I have realized the reward of teaching. Experience has taught me that teaching is an art which requires not only a working knowledge of the subject matter, but one must possess effective communication and social skills. This requires considerable effort and diverse qualities. One must not only be a “knowledge engineer” when preparing classroom course material, but an “artist” when working with students in the classroom. Teaching skillfully is less time consuming than teaching badly and is less likely to cause dissatisfaction on the part of the students and teacher. The time spent in learning the art of teaching is likely to have substantial pay-off in self-satisfaction and effectiveness in one’s career. At this point in my summation, you are probably thinking I am assigning the “problem responsibility” to the teacher. I believe that problems can arise due to both students and teacher. I do; however, suggest that a trained and experienced teacher may possess the qualities to managing a problem effectively. One must always keep in mind that a classroom is maybe filled with students who come from different cultures, family dynamics, economic stations, educational and motivational levels. In summation, it is my personal belief that while problems may be teacher or student generated, the control of these problems lies in the hands of the teacher. The recipe for success should include knowledge of subject matter, effective communication, interpersonal, observational and motivational skills. When considering teaching as a career it is important to note that skills can be taught; however, motivation cannot. A classroom experience should bring a gift of knowledge. The student is rewarded with the “gift” of knowledge. The teacher is rewarded by the student’s sense of accomplishment.