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To motivate students, it means students will have the ability to learn, study, search for the information, and nowadays is not easy for any students to do that unless they are motivated. Teachers have big role to motivate students to have the willing to know and learn which will lead to improve the learning process. Teachers will be able to motivate students when they know the students, that will happen when teachers gather information about the students to understand them well and to interpret their behavior. Using the cumulative record one of the most common ways, students observation, students interview, using autobiography all of them are ways to collect information about the students which will lead to better understand for the teacher toward their students, Knowing the students is the first step to know how to motivate them. Motivating students depend on three major points. First: teachers should be attractive to the students and engaging to the learners. Learners feel that they have the ability to listen and understand to the teacher if they feel positive, friendly feeling toward the teacher, Teacher who tries to understand or has background about the interests of the generation (what are their interest …) will have more chance to understand them well and to lead the students which will have good impact on their relationships. Dealing with boring or hard subject or topics need the teacher interfere to simplify and making it more interesting by relating it to life, or using games, funny videos. Second: Focus their attention on achieving goals. When students feels what they are learning will help them to achieve their goals this will help them to be more motivated and engaged to learn and understand. When they feel that they understand what they are doing and how they are doing it. As a result they will have the passion to work and to success. This step will happen with the help and presence of the teacher. Third: Teach what is worth learning, and teach it in ways that helps students appreciate its value. Students they are facing different obstacles that make learning not easy. Some students have lack of confidence: teachers should give them mission through it they fell they can achieve it and be successful, by time they will feel that they have confidence about themselves to understand and to achieve it. Students have low expectations for themselves: Teachers and the parents should work in a parallel way which will help to eliminate this feeling with the students, teachers’ role start by helping the students to think positively toward themselves, giving them mission they are able to achieve it, by time they will start to have the feeling that they can do anything. Help them to find their strength point with the help of their parents or caregiver. It can be helping like, drawing,…etc this will be the first step help the learners to feel confidence and acceptance towards themselves Students feel disengaged when they feel that they can’t understand or achieve the goal settled from the teacher. The role of the teacher to let the students understand the aim of the activity or lesson and to know how to achieve it by choosing the suitable way for such students. Sometimes using peers who have the ability to lead such kind of students to understand will be very helpful for disengaged students. One of the successful strategy using peers to help other students to be engaged Using immediate prize sometimes increase the motivation for the students, like giving them small present, sticker even a piece of candy, even plumps on the shoulders has a positive impact on the which will improve the educational process for the students. Generally when the students feel that the teachers available any time for any needed support, and the material are understandable for them, they know what to achieve and why, this will lead them to have Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation to work and to understand it. Challenging also can make a good motivation for the students. Taking into consideration that teachers should balance the challenge don’t give the students activities are too easy to do it or too hard that they can’t achieve it, give them challenge according to their level. Finding a Model interested for the students is required, it can be Role Model or Peer model which have good impact on the learners which increase the passion to improve their level and to share with in the activities to reach high level in thinking or on the learning process.