Teach English in Tulihe Zhen - Hulunbei'er Shi — Hulunbuir

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Before coming to Turkey, I never had an experience of handling kids from 3 to 6 years old. I am currently living in turkey, i am french- turkish , I work at a private kindergarten school in Bursa as an english and french teacher. EFL teachers in kindergarden have many responsabilities like maintaining an open line of communication with parents and provide them with the appropriate information to follow their student in their language evolution. They are key skills of EFL teachers in kindergarden are to have a clear diction and an excellent spoken and written language skills with english and foreign languages. I took the chance and prepared myself for a challenging phase in this career: In my case, my teaching experience is very challenging yet rewarding and productive. It is the first time that children have left their family, this new environment needs to assure them, and this is the role of a kindergarden teacher. The smiles, patience and positive attitude are the key off succes in order to become a good kindergarden teacher because we will gain the confidence of our students. Building a good relationships with young students in kindergarden is necessary for teachers to relax children and to make them love the lessons. It is so hard for me to plan my lessons (couting, do a circle time, teach the alphabet) and captivate the attention of students, so it is very important to prepare various learning activities and materials in order to make english lessons more efficient for little students. The best way to control our english languages classes is to create a routine for every day and make sure to prioritize english language applications by many sensory materials like playdough, coloring rices or liquid soap for example. The sensory activity helps children to learn new ways of talking about the world and encourages them to communicate in english with others whilst playing and supports language development and gross motor skills for kids through smelling ,observing, listening an touching. Or else, we can used educative flashcards, pictures, worsheets and workbooks in order to practice with more attention the vocabulary of english language. Moreever, one way to make foreign language learning more fun for kids is to incorporate songs or popular nursery rhymes collections into Daily routine help childrens to learn language easily and can help them develop memory and concentration to kids. Is very important to choose songs with lyrics quite simple that kids will engage naturally and will be able to learn them and sing and dance along. All the songs must be related to a specific topic such as numbers, shapes, colors or body parts in order to be reinforced in the natural context and create new structures more easier and practise simple english phrases. Getting students on a routine is not complicated but it is very important for them to make a break in order to gain more concentration and give opportunity to Express themselves and share problems beetween kids moreever give a playtime in order to be entertained. Once students know this routine is more easy to make the students participate in a classroom and enjoy their lessons. To conclude, kids cant keep a long attention if EFL teachers will be made up of a variety of short activities. To improve the interest of kids for learning a new language and increase their participation the teachers of kindergarden have a crucial role. Parents should be motivated and educate them at home but teachers in kindergarden help them to find the right way and get them better out of the learning phase. EFL teachers are responsabile for the children’s safety and attention so it is a very exciting job and a huge necessity energy and constant movement in the language lessons.