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Before talking about the importance of learning vocabulary in the ESL, it is suitable to understand the meaning of the word vocabulary, for instance, it is according to the Longman Modern English Dictionary a list of words, usually arranged alphabetically and defined, explained or translated the range of language, the stock of words at person’s command, or used in a particular work, branch of a subject, language etc. chunks also includes other items such as lexical chunks such and sentences which consist of two or three words, however, the meaning of them is the meaning of one word. When students learn vocabulary they may face some problematic to memorize words, that is why teachers should be able to find solutions while they are teaching this skill. It is important to learn vocabulary while learning a second language. Vocabulary is an essential mean which determines reading comprehension, that is why the understanding of the whole text is based on the sense of words. Learners need be aware of about 5,000 words at least in order to be able to transfer the learning strategies from their mother tongue into the second language, this can be referred to as the basic for reading comprehension statics. While teaching vocabulary, some teachers asks how to introduce concrete vocabulary to learners, and how dialogues improve learner’s vocabulary level, respectively. Initially, vocabulary could be beneficial for every one but it seems difficult for beginners, the latter should learn enough vocabulary items in order to reach its basics to read texts extensively for enjoyment. According to Deville and Laufer, students need to understand 95% of the words they read for text comprehension ( Deville, 1985 and Laufer, 1989 b). Nagy, Herman and krashen claimed that the process of vocabulary acquisition is similar in both firsy and second language through repetition, however, as it is known, the second language is usually learned at an early age, vocabulary then is learned and taught in formal classroom setting,and it is practiced through learning of strategies. ( Nagy and Harman,1987 and Krashen as cited in London, 1997). As the task of vocabulary learning is concerned, the learning of vocabulary is done through the distinction between knowing a word and using a word, which means that it includes both, the ability to use words appropriately and the ability to remember them. (Mecarthy, 1994). As a result, vocabulary learning strategies should encompasses strategies for “ using “ as well as “knowing” a word. When learners first come across a new word they first guest its meaning and use it appropriately. Some learners might check the word’s meaning on the dictionary, others might take notes during the course explanation either between the lines or in separate vocabulary notebooks, there is also an other type of learners who prefer to memorize words, and others try to use the word in activities in order to memorize it immediately, all the strategies used in vocabulary learned determine the extent to which a new word is well learned. On the one hand, using the ESA method in ESL is an effective way of teaching new vocabulary items especially for beginners so that they have difficulties to grasp abstract words, though, realia helps them to better understand and save time. However 40% rely on textbooks because they are overloaded and contain enough examples, also some teachers in small towns in some countries claim that materials are not available, that is to say that they don’t base on the ESA method. On the other hand, great majority of teachers introduce concrete vocabulary through pictures and visual aids , which means that they bring materials to teach a particular vocabulary item in order to be easy understood. Those teachers are about 80%,where as 18% of teachers teach vocabulary by illustration and definitions, only 2 % introduce words through translation. Also, there is an increasing number of teachers argue that dialogues help student to improve their vocabulary level; because they get more vocabulary items through practice. Receptive practice helps students internalize the tacit knowledge of the language too. Moreover, students like dialogues because they find them easy and interesting since the studies are sometimes related to every day life but few teachers on the other hand who rarely don’t use the role play activities in their classrooms. Memorizing of vocabulary is an important issue too in the learning of a foreign language. There are productive learners who are able to memorise vocabulary, though, it is problematic for others to do, they forget very quickly. Thus, from Jermy Harm’s point of view there are two reasons of this problematic: the interference from subsequent learning and the inadequate recycling. In order to avoid these problem teachers should not introduce difficult words and words similar to the recent once they have taught, in addition, they have to bear in mind that it is important to be sure that the students understand the meaning of the vocabulary introduced and that they know how to use it in the real life. Thus, even if there are different abilities on the student’s understanding levels, there are many theories that help pupils learn and memorise vocabulary easily such as drilling, repetition, word games and other activities mentioned in the ESA method of teaching ESL. Moreover, not only the students who should make an effort to learn but also teachers should encourage and motivate their learners to practice from time to time in order not to forget what they learn. To sum up, teaching and learning vocabulary is an interesting process for people who want to live or study in an other country, individuals need to be aware about the language of that country, that is to say, learners of English language should learn vocabulary as one of the most significant language skills which helps them improve and express their abilities and competences in that language more than grammar and the other skills like reading, listening and writing. Finally, learning languages frequently allows for dynamic thinking which is useful in other fields.