Teach English in Shiligang Zhen - Jingdezhen Shi

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Lesson plans are an important tool for any teacher. An experienced teacher might just make a quick list of their plans for the class, as they are more comfortable with teaching and probably have a better understanding of how to assess what students need during a class, and how and when to pivot from one activity to another. Even a brief jotting of notes is important, as it can be used to organize a teachers thoughts, list the materials that need preparing, and keep a record of what was covered in class for future. On the other hand, a less experienced teacher might want to create a more thorough lesson plan. An effective lesson plan can be reused for future classes or as a way for the teacher to better reflect on their performance, and what works in the classroom. That being said, it's important not to over prepare, and create a kind of script. You need to be prepared for student questions, misbehaviour, or their need to spend more time on certain areas of the lesson.