Teach English in ChibA Zhen - Jingzhou Shi

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As time goes on, the world is becoming more globalized. Learning English is a requirement in most countries and it is affecting how information is spread in the world. What this means for current students is that, most likely, English will become a part of their career at one point or another. When we think about all the companies in the world and how they have spread globally, employers are looking for talented multi-linguals more than ever. Access to information has become more prominent in the world and in order for one to holster more knowledge, they need to understand it through English. English will influence a student’s career by preparing them for upcoming competition in the globalized world. It is a teacher’s responsibility to make sure their students have access to this information. English has already started to appear in most aspects of daily life in non-English speaking countries. English is on billboards, notices, road signs and more. It will effect someone’s career when trying to become a prospective employee because employees that are efficient in English are first sought out. Even having knowledge of English will make one a better fast food server, a better café barista, a better sales person, etc. It is creeping into daily life and the better one can understand it, the easier it will be for them. Even if one does not deal in globalized sales, international trade, and or dabbles in a career where English is prominent, somewhere along the span of their career they will encounter and deal with English is some form or another. What this means for teachers is that they have to prepare students for English in the world today by using authentic texts in class and teaching common terminology so that they may succeed in any fields. As for companies that do work internationally and have global reach, they are looking for skilled employees that can speak two or more languages, but especially English. As English is decidedly the global language of business and tourism, English skills are highly needed. For example, if a clothing company wants to ship items internationally, they need to be able to communicate with prospective buyers in a language that is globally known. Another aspect of a company that needs English speaking employees is research companies that need to be able to understand and conduct experiments based off of research conducted by other companies. That information is important to make global progress and companies will hire people who can access that information. It will highly effect someone’s career if they can speak English and it will allow someone to have a leg up in the competition to get high paying and esteemed jobs. A way a teacher can help those in the business field is to cater to their needs by teaching English phrases that are appropriate for their line of work. For example, a teacher could use a research paper by a similar company and teach about the terminology in that paper. As mentioned above, information is needed and wanted. In our world today, we have access to information at our finger tips. However, a lot that information is in English. If one wants to enhance their career and bring that information to their work place, it will benefit the company and the employee to know English. An employee who can comb through English essays on economics and trade will highly benefit a trade company. A researcher at an environmental engineering firm that can understand the procedure taken by another company to clean radioactive particles from soil will be highly sought out. Companies need to access information and they need people who can easily understand what the information is and how it can be applied. A teacher must be very aware of this because a teacher needs to take the appropriate steps to teach their students. The students need to understand what the information means. For example if an article says, “I have been working on this experiment for three months” they need to understand that the writer has already conducted an experiment for three months, not that they will soon be working on the experiment for three months. They can’t understand it well if they don’t know the difference between the present continuous form and present perfect continuous form. To conclude, in the world today there is a lot of competition to get employment and prospective employees need to be better than ever. Students need to be prepared by teachers for the upcoming English needs that will eventually cross their paths. Teachers need to make students skilled in order to stand out from the rest and give companies what is needed. Students need to be able to access information that is not already translated into their native tongue. Students need to compete with others and that competition will bring English to the forefront and effect their career indefinitely. A teacher’s job is to help a student access global information and help them succeed in English.