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Discipline is inevitable in any training institution or work place, in every society there are norms which people must respect in order to maintain stability in the society .Discipline is said to be rules put in place to regulate peoples activities or a code of behavior using punishment to correct disobedience. Our focus here will be on classroom discipline which is the practice of teaching others to obey rules or norms which anyone who breaks the rules will be punish. The teacher uses discipline to ensure classroom norms are maintain and safe guard a comfortable learning environment in the classroom for learning . Discipline is the key component to effective classroom management, all these are strategies use by the teacher to bring out positive behavior and train them to be ethical. Below we will be looking how to maintain discipline in the classroom. The teacher should point out some rules which the student shouldn’t violate in no circumstance, these rules should be to ensure the safety of everyone and make the class an interesting place for learning, the rules should be fix considering the age of the kids and the type of class you are teaching .Some of the rules could be treat others with respect, take care of the classroom property, raise your hand to speak. Making too many rule will make the environment too hash for learners, making few rules will be easier for them to remember, these rules will be applied in different situations so that the teacher does not find himself making new rules all the time .choose no more than five rules will be easier for the student to remember does making them feel relax. The students shouldn’t feel surprise with the rules of the class .The teacher should make sure that the students know the rules, the teacher should outline the rules on the first day of class, explaining in details what each rules means, giving example of how rules are followed or not followed. Furthermore the teacher should outline the consequences for failing to respect a rule. These might occur in stages such as warning, standing up without talking, informing you parents and more. As explain before the consequences will take into consideration the age or level of the kids. The teacher should get the kids involve in the making of the rules, ask the kids to agree with the rules by raising their hand and accepting what have been put in place, another way to get kids involve is to seek their opinion when making the rules, by doing so they will take ownership and in case anyone violates the rules punishment will not be a surprise. Praise students for respecting the rules and make positive remarks about them, tell them they have respected the rules correctly by doing so the student will feel respected and try to always improve themselves In case of serious miss conduct by students, the teacher can get their parents involved, in such a situation the teacher should evaluate the level of the miss conduct if such a student is getting out control To conclude classroom discipline is cantered around the teacher, student school and the parent, in which teacher and student relationship