Teach English in Ouchi Zhen - Jingzhou Shi

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In recent generations the English language has merged as the language of choice for international interactions and transactions amongst individuals due to globalization and the use of technology in communications and business. Many people from around the world, especially those from non-English speaking countries find it more and more necessary to complement their education by learning how to communicate in English. Regardless of the subject these individuals study, or what their career plans may be, they have recognized that it is crucial to be able to communicate in English in order to succeed. Learning English is not only beneficial to an individual’s success but in many cases it has become essential. In my experience as an English teacher many students are faced with the need to study English in order to fulfill their dreams. It is very common for parents around the world to recognize the need for this skill as part of a well rounded education. I have personally taught students as young as 4 years of age, understanding their parents’ desire for their children to achieve success in the future. I have also worked with adolescents, young adults and business professionals who are all aware of the impact that learning the English language can have on their careers. Regardless of what a student’s career and plans for the future may be, globalization has made communications and transactions between people from many different regions around the world more commonplace, therefore the English language has emerged as the global business language, making it a crucial skill for any student or professional today. Many companies around the world are headquartered in English speaking nations and even those which are not are now dealing with an international clientele who often speak English. English is not just an important language when dealing with people from these English speaking nations, but also many individuals from non-English speaking nations have opted for English as the international language of choice when it comes time to communicate in their respective fields. Students understand that even when they find themselves interacting with clients or co-workers from non-English speaking nations, English is the go-to language for business interactions. Students whose careers don’t involve business transactions, for example artists or scientists, may find that English is still necessary when it comes time to read new texts or studies written in the English language, which target their field of study. Many individuals also dream of moving to other countries once they have completed their educations in order to have more opportunities available to them, which can include furthering their studies abroad, or joining the workforce in another country. English students from all walks of life understand that knowledge of the English language can lead to success in their respective field. They are also aware that nowadays English is a pre-requisite for many employers and one of the best tools they can learn in order to further their careers. While there may be many sales people or business managers with the skills required to do the same job, being able to communicate in English proficiently will often move them to the front of the line and give them an advantage over the competition. Finally, due to technology and the internet and how we use it in business to communicate, even if students plan to remain in their countries of origin, it is still essential to have well developed English skills when dealing with an ever growing international market. Even though there is always a chance that this will change in the future, as life evolves in unforeseen ways, as we stand, English is the most global language used in business and communications throughout the world today and students are aware it is to their benefit and that of their careers to learn the language regardless of any specific plans they may have for the future.