Teach English in SijiAchang Zhen - Jingzhou Shi

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Teaching English is a challenging undertaking, and your students are looking to you for guidance. I am writing this summative to reference of my teaching journey in China at a university. I was a master student in English language and Applied linguistics at Central China Normal University. One day, I have been offered by the dean of the English department, if I can teach English in the department to some group of Chinese students. It was my first experience of teaching in abroad and enthusiastically, I accepted and started teaching English. Therefore, I have taught English language in various levels, ages, and different nationalities such as: Africa, France, Bahrain, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Algeria. Genuinely, I am pleased to pick some problems up during my teaching that I faced in China with Chinese students. There are numerous differences between Chinese and other nationalities, specifically, my Nationality-Kurdish- native speakers. I have desire to mention the majority problems that I had in China. Here below are some major problems: Politeness and behaviors Politeness determines people’s perspectives. Also, politeness is quite important, but Chinese students tend to being more respectful for teachers-shifo- than usual people. However, this effectively created the silent environment in the class. Moreover, the environment led me to a teacher-centered class, which is not my favorable style. They had vulnerable of asking questions, making mistakes, and when I asked them, guys did you get it? they even nodded, they didn’t tend to say “yes” Therefore, some of them felt afraid to speak, shying, and lacking of confidence. Even though, I tried and divided them to different groups, individuals, pair works, and role-play, but still were not helpful at the beginning. As the weeks and months passed, ultimately, but in the long run in an artificial social system such as university, play games, interactions, man-made rules, role-play, and so many activities were suitable to them. Thus the principle of human behavior and relationship are shifted and they were able to get by if they learn how to manipulate. Many Chinese students have greatness or goodness in their character, but lack of communication skills, and that undoubtedly affects the quality of teaching and relationship. Curriculum/Materials The materials I have used in China were quite different than any other places, I have learnt to use special methods and different ways to teach English, and I am grateful for that. As aforementioned, I had the same problem at the beginning they didn’t like and follow books completely. I striven all the different materials such as; play games, cassette, video, story, groups, role-play, pair works, and etc. Those efforts sort of impractical and hopeless. My classes were speaking skill and they were incredible at writing, but hardly speak. Once I met an expert lecturer from US with having 56 years of teaching experience in China. He guided and taught me the effective method with Chinese culture, which was using your own PPT-slide share after his great advice, I started to have my own interesting PPT. Subsequently, following the curriculum and the guidance I have read more than ten source of books for teaching methods and eventually, I created my own “enthusiasm PPT”- surely, this is from my 446 students’ feedback not my opinion. The characteristics of my slides/overhead projector are meme, gif pictures, funny pictures, picturesque, animations, and starting class with warms up and interesting questions. For example, I found out this question is quite effective “does your language have words adopted from English” it’s usable for all levels or I use questions related with their daily basis in a funny and competitive ways. In addition, I am following Fun Theory and I still use this method to my university students. It’s more effective than books in my Country-Kurdistan as well. Basically, I have many topics for my students. I Sometimes, inform my students about the topic for the next class, but it is not enough and important as teachers, should have unexpected plan to them in the same class it is better to draw their attention to see new things such as idioms, proverbs, expression, and phrasal verbs according to the levels. Finally, those aforementioned are my strategies and tips for teaching EFL in China and with all nationalities. I have find out my unique way to teach all levels and nationalities with ages. Besides, this fruitful course is the greatest course in my life ever.