Teach English in Furongdun Zhen - Jiujiang Shi

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This unit is one of the most important and demanding. I realized that a lesson plan is a fundamental part of being a good teacher. If we want to fulfill our duties, we need to have a plan. This plan supposes to fully cover all essential language points. I will think both about myself and my future students while writing a plan. A plan needs to equally meet the needs of a teacher and students. It is not supposed to be boring and scripted. Of course, it should be flexible so I can change it in different situations. It could be changed after I will fully understand my students and what is the best way to teach them. As days will pass I will need to improve my own teaching skills. It could be achieved by setting personal aims and finding ways to accomplish them. So far I learned that becoming a good teacher is a long way, consist of self-improving and desire of becoming a better version of yourself.