Teach English in Changmao Zhen - Lianyungang Shi

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There is a teacher in the life of every person. This profession is not easy, but educators are people who play a big role in shaping a personality. Any teacher needs to be aware of the enormous responsibility he or she has. He or she can reach every child, pass on his/her knowledge, become a friend. The first example for life, the first mentor and teacher for any person is parents. However, society is structured in such a way that the upbringing of the child partially falls on other organizations - kindergartens and schools. A person’s consciousness begins to shape just in such institutions, the child gains the first experience of being in the society of children like him or her, united by a common goal - to learn. The teacher, especially in the elementary grades, is an indicator of honesty, impartiality, moral superiority and a guideline for children to strive for. There are frequent cases when it is the first elementary school teacher who remains a bright spot for people, a person with whom it is difficult to say goodbye when moving to the middle classes, a true friend. In the further life the child is awaited by new knowledge and new completely different teachers. If in elementary school students have a class teacher who conducts almost all subjects, everything changes in middle and high school. Here, too, there is a class teacher who is responsible for his wards, but usually he conducts only one subject, therefore, he does not communicate with his class so often. At the same time, children begin to notice the difference between teachers, compare them, draw conclusions and give their likes or dislikes to teachers. The student is faced with the fact that his fate is usually not indifferent only to the class teacher. Teachers who simply conduct subjects often have the task of simply providing knowledge of their profession. Thanks to such indifference, adolescents begin to understand that life depends on themselves, that they need to take care of themselves. And if, for example, in elementary school, a teacher could overestimate a weak subject, knowing that in other subjects the student is very strong, then they will not do this in secondary and high school. A high school teacher is the embodiment of justice, while a primary school teacher is the embodiment of mercy. One cannot but agree that the teacher plays a huge role in the life of any person. This is one who gives us not only knowledge of any subjects, but also shows the world on the other hand, reveals previously imperceptible qualities in each of the students. He or she becomes a mentor, a friend and one to whom you can turn for help. Sometimes teachers sacrifice their interests, give all their strength to their students. For such people, this is not just a profession, it is a vocation. The teachers whom we consider to be good remain with us forever, exactly the same as those who we do not like the most. But it is undeniable that each of them leaves a huge imprint on a person’s life, each of them, someone more, someone less, is a storehouse of knowledge that we must draw. The role of the teacher in the life of the student is difficult to overestimate. She is truly huge. And a person who has taken upon himself this responsibility must fully realize the full responsibility and importance of his mission.