Teach English in Chaoyang Zhen - Lianyungang Shi

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"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge" - Alert Einstein My name is Paige Clark and currently I am working for an all service language company, LTC Language Solutions. My role within this establishment is actually in sales, I decided to take this online course as I have first hand knowledge of what language classes can do for not just a company but an individuals growth within that company, their community and their family. Language training is only one of the services we provide and I have an active role working along side teachers and co ordinations, setting up assessments, placing students in correct groups and their continued education. I live in Orlando which is made up of an extremely diverse community. I feel learning to be an ESL teacher could directly impact some of the people trying to make a living and prosper within the same environment. I work directly with establishments who have seen the benefit in offering language classes to their current employees. These employees are held back simply because of language barriers, some having worked for these establishments for years, never being eligible for a promotion, interact confidently with senior members of staff or customers and sometimes even feel safe working. I have seen first hand what teachers are able to do for these individuals and their families. Although I know the primary responsibility of a teacher is to improve English speaking, reading and writing skills, an ESL teacher cannot teach without other key attributes. The classes my company teach are adult or older students, a teacher in this type of environment has to be a leader, confident patient, kind and respectful. They need to be professional, timely, organized and highly skilled at keeping students engaged. Taking the TEFL course was paramount to my growth as a teacher as without the knowledge of how to adequately structure a class, deal with potential problems and history of language learning it could become difficult to keep the respect of my students. In my experience the teachers that have made the most impact with the students are able to treat the class with in element of humor while keeping materials current and activities interactive. Students seem to work well in groups as they are able to have fun with colleagues they are familiar with, while encouraging and practicing in their own time. Without the training of responsible feedback and correction it could become an easy mistake to constantly correct and demoralize the group. The videos were extremely helpful in teaching techniques and giving potential ideas for class content. A TEFL course is like icing on the cake for potential or current teachers. For me it has offered a refresher on grammar, something I have taken for granted as a first generation English speaker and given me a complete understanding of the importance of being organized. Your students have to feel like they are in professional, knowledgable hands, adult learners will not be forgiving if they feel they haven taken time out of their busy schedules to attend a class that is not well managed. These are the reasons why I decided to go a step further in my training and take and online TEFL course. I found the content to be extremely robust, highly informative and very entertaining. This course will be monumental in my change of career and has given me a different perspective on what it is to teach. The training I have had onsite definitely tends to be a little more opinion and experience based, so having such in depth training tools at my disposal has exposed me to a more impartial view on what it is to teach.