Teach English in Dongwangji Zhen - Lianyungang Shi

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Name- Naz Nikpeyma Course task – ITTT summative task No. 109 Date- February 9th, 2020 Is learning English only for students? We live in an age when many of us are adults that have passed the young times on being a student, yet learning never stops as compare to old times when finishing the university and getting a job was end of learning/ student years. In today’s fast ever changing world that demand’s from people not one or two degrees rather multiple degrees (MSc., PhD., MBA) & skills certificate qualifications (Basic Excel /Microsoft 360/ Tally) along with ability to speak at least two languages i.e. be bilingual (or elementary polyglot), hence if you are sending your children to learn a second language (English) to have them a competitive edge in this world, shouldn’t you need one too? Parents always want the best for their kids and no matter whatever the struggles they have to bear for getting up to meeting the cost off the things they deem worthy for their children’ development and happiness. But sometimes just paying money upfront and thinking that we have done our bit (duty) and are over with it as parents, is not the case. Parents should be the part of in their children’ educational journey, giving as much as helping hand (i.e. participating, observing and monitoring) and themselves learning through the learning process of a new language, which nurtures the bonding of parent-children relation. Also they get aware of their learning capability and capacity for a second language (self gauging their own language learning together with that of their children too). When parents are also into the learning sphere, it cultivates a good study atmosphere for the teacher to teach the language and while in his absence (non-teaching periods) his students when using or practising off the knowledge learnt while teaching/practising with their parents at home makes a wholesome revision of the English language. As an old saying goes -sharing the knowledge, doubles it. By learning English side by side with their kids, Parents can improve themselves in their language capability/level while also act as collective learning peer group bringing on different kinds of engagement / interactions experiences (doubts, language usage variations etc) on the learning and usage of the English language in various scenarios or personal situations in broadening learning limits as a learning group (parents + kids). Learning English language also provides great career opportunities as English is one of the widely spoken language, having good English language skills will surely help them in career progression in the following career fields - international trades, e-commerce, international global IT service providing companies etc. If their company is an international company offering goods & services on global scale then surely knowing English language shall be in their interest. Not just knowing English helps one in their career only, but as parents if they themselves will know the language therefore they will be in better position to search good careers paths/ options via selecting best international studies destinations for their children in near future. Generally knowing English language removes many barriers as follows, one can explore numerous options around the globe be it emigration from one’s own country to English speaking developed countries for better lifestyle, career opportunities in life. Further It can make great ease of access in financial management by just knowing the English language, as it opens up many options for investing in different countries real-estate to built up assets and creating businesses e.g. start-ups ,joint business partnerships or import/ export businesses. Most importantly opens up to ton of health care/ health tourism destinations for best affordable health care for minor to major health issues/ complications around the global rather just limiting you to your local/ national health care options which just might not be best in terms of cost vs. service/quality or be the best in class treatment for the disease/health complications. As far as I am concerned there is a strong case in support of learning English language on the above points for many parents, not just for only making your children learn it. As all things considered, learning English sure adds to one’s personal development in many respects along with many advantages throughout in our lives as being parents or in future.