Teach English in Gangbu Nongchang - Lianyungang Shi

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I am all about games and group works when it comes teaching. It is not only fun , but also a way of encouraging students to communicate with others in English. It doesn’t matter the age of the students. People don’t like sitting down for too long just in general. So playing games is always a good way to start or end the class. Flashcards are so easy to find and make, and it’s a great way for students to memorize the words when they see a card that has both pictures and words on it. I play a lot of games with flashcards. My all time favorite one is always the scavenger hunt with flashcards. I put all the flashcards all over the classroom and I ask two students to find a list of words in order and whoever finds the most in a time period wins. Students are always very competitive so it works even better when it happens . My second choice of flashcards game is creating 2 sets of flashcards and one only contains words , the other one only has pictures . I would explain the meaning of a word first , then they would guess which word it is and what picture that matches the description. If the students already have basic understanding of the words , sometimes I would ask students to be teachers . It also helps them to learn how to describe things with their own words. Thirdly , I always carry a set of kids hammer that makes squeaky noise just for fun. I put all the flashcards on a white board and pick two students to compete . Whoever hit the most correct flashcards with correct answers on it wins. Students get to leave their chairs and actually interact with other students. Also, I’m able to see how much they know about the words we learn. The fourth choice of mine , is to hide the flashcards under their desks or chairs , and they need to make as many sentences as they can with the words they get. It helps them to practice sentence structures and gives them confidence to believe they can do it on their own. My last choice of flashcards game is something I like to play but I always worry the students would get hurt from it , so I don’t play often unless I know they are a group of students who behave well. I put the flashcards in the center of the classroom floor and I pick two students at a time . I would say a word and whoever ‘step’ on the flashcard wins. ‘Stepping’ on is the reason why I think it’s dangerous for them to play, but it’s also a good activity that for students to get up and move around. I always encourage other teachers to spend some time to make flashcards for the class. It might take some of your private time to make them, but it’s totally worthy it. It’s fun, and easy to make. The most important is that your students find it fun and they actually learn something from it .