Teach English in Guanxiyanchang - Lianyungang Shi

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The world has become increasingly globalised and English has become the standard, global medium of communication. The focus of this essay is to argue why one should complete a TEFL course. Given that English has grown into a global language, the demand for English teachers abroad has increased. Schools across the world have been slowly demanding higher standards for the teachers they hire to teach English. Being a native English speaker does not guarantee a job nor the necessary skills required to teach English. A TEFL certification is the most common qualification for English teachers to have in order to teach English abroad. It will provide one with valuable international work experience that will make one’s resume more diverse. Not only does the course refine a native English speaker’s knowledge on grammar and language, it also teaches important skills such as building rapport with students, classroom management, organisation, flexible lesson planning and teaching methodologies and styles. A TEFL certification also gives one the tools and resources to create a successful lesson and better help the students learn and reach the lesson objectives. TEFL courses generally train one to teach language using a student-centred and communicative approach, and one might find techniques which strengthens their teaching. Furthermore, a TEFL certification is a great way for one to gain experience or expand their range of skills by going abroad and becoming multicultural. The job can be very flexible as many teachers work part-time and could always support themselves teaching English while they continue looking for work in their professional field (if they are living abroad and are struggling to find work in their field). TEFL also allows one to learn the language and culture of a country thus making one bi- or multilingual. An advantage of TEFL is that it allows one to garner their creativity to make lessons fun and interesting. TEFL also provides one with countless opportunities to travel and explore different countries and cultures whilst supporting oneself. TEFL provides one with either a long term or a short-term employment opportunity which means that EFL teachers are not permanently bound to one place. Another advantage of TEFL is that it is effective in terms of cost. This means that the course is affordable and that EFL teachers have the potential to earn a pleasing salary once they start working abroad. Lastly, doing a TEFL course will help in job prospects. The probability of getting employment abroad after taking TEFL courses is high and the institute one does the TEFL course through may offer the necessary assistance in getting employment in the country of one’s choice. To conclude, there are countless advantages in doing the TEFL course such as the opportunity to travel to different countries and broaden one’s experiences and skills, being taught important teaching and language skills and knowledge that other English courses may not offer and the prospective of earning a pleasing salary. The TEFL also provides an opportunity for one to network and meet new people as well helping those who are motivated to learn thus making teaching English a very rewarding job.