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Why Is Lesson Planning Important? I believe lesson planning is one of the most important tools for the success of a teacher. How can you plan for success without a plan? How can you go somewhere without knowing where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there? Lesson planning allows a teacher to plot a course for the students that will meet their educational needs ending in a successful result. First, a teacher must determine the objectives and aims of the course before he is able to make a lesson plan. The teacher can then acquire the needed materials and set up a game plan. Once the classes begin, the teacher can work off of the plan and be able to see the needs and interests of the students. The plan would then be adjusted to meet these needs. Lesson planning gives a teacher time management. Time management is very crucial to knowing the educational needs of the day and being able to allow the time needed to achieve those needs. It allows the teacher to see future trouble spots the students may have and gives the teacher the option of setting aside time to address these issues. Within time management comes flexibility. Knowing the ratio of time verses the covered lesson material for the day gives the teacher the time to set aside for questions, reflections, and activities. Lesson planning gives a teacher organization. Organization gives the lesson plan structure and order. By being organized, a teacher can have all material, handouts, flashcards, and activities in order for the class. This helps with the flow and efficiency of the classroom. Lesson planning involves reflection. With a lesson plan, a teacher can look back to see what has been taught. This allows the teacher to refrain from the undesired repetition of materials. Since the teacher has a record of what has been taught, the teacher can now see what has been learned and set aside time to address any problem areas the students may be having. Lesson planning builds confidence. Because of a lesson plan, the teacher is prepared for the class which gives the teacher a path to follow throughout the class. Knowing where you are, how to get to where you are going, and finally getting there will build confidence in a teacher. Not only does it build confidence in the teacher, but it also builds the confidence of the students in the teacher. The optics of a teacher well organized and confident will be evident to the students which will, in turn, build confidence in the students. A lesson plan is a guide or a path for the teacher to follow. To me, lesson planning is similar to writing a speech. When writing the speech, it is imperative that an outline is written initially. This outline is the lesson plan. You list your main objectives along with supporting ideas or activities and then deliver the speech. It is not verbatim but rather a course to follow. It isn’t necessary to strictly follow the lesson plan but rather use the lesson plan as a waypoint to reach the desired educational needs.