Teach English in MengxingzhuAng Zhen - Lianyungang Shi

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Teachers play such an important role in society by directly affecting the lives and thus the futures of their students to become what they strive for, through educating their students to the best of their abilities to become a part of this ever evolving realm of human life by learning, in this instance, a new language. Beyond teaching students the use of English language, teachers also serve many other roles that they perform in the classroom. Teachers set the tone to the classroom setting, establish a warm and secure environment plus care for and guide their allocated students to the best of their abilities. The teacher acts as the model for the students and in many cases the students reflect what the teacher presents to the class, so stay positive, helpful and friendly, as a teacher. Teaching Mediator and Observer: The teacher will mediate learning in such a style which is delicate to the distinct needs of their students, including those with difficulty of learning to any degree. The teacher acts as an observer, monitoring situations and providing feedback to the students accordingly. The teacher forges a learning habitat that is appropriate to the needs and inspiration of the students for their futures and establish effective communication through showing awareness of and respect to all the differences of other students and peoples in general. In addition, the teacher will demonstrate sturdy familiarity of the subject content and assorted principles as well as strategies and resources which are applicable to teaching to their employer’s/country’s context. Manager and Organizer: The teacher will make decisions appropriate to the level of the students, manage and control learning in the classroom, oversee classroom administrative duties efficiently and have part in school decision making arrangements. The teacher provides instructions, organizes students according to their group work tasks, set up activities and bring them to an end. It’s important for teachers to be comfortable with these activities. These competences will be performed in ways which are democratic, which support learners and colleagues of the school alike. Assessor and Prompter: The teacher understands that assessment is an essential aspect of the teaching and learning practice and know how to integrate it into this process. The teacher has an understanding of the functions, arrangements and effects of assessment and be able to provide applicable feedback to learners accordingly. A large deal of awareness and optimism is required when prompting students to produce a task on their own, which is sometimes essential in the learning process of the student. Teachers construct and manage both formative and summative assessment in ways that are appropriate to the level and purpose of the learner/s. The teacher will keep detailed and indicative records of assessment in addition to understand how to interpret and use assessment outcomes to feed into processes for the improvement of schooling affairs. Tutoring/Literature areas/Subject discipline/Phase management: The teacher will be well grounded in the knowledge, dexterity, conduct, basis, methods, and procedures relevant to the discipline, subject, research area, phase of study, or professional or vocational practice. Teachers will know when to tutor learners actively working alone or in pairs, at brief times the teacher may intervene to provide much needed encouragement or advice where deemed necessary. The teacher has to try giving equal attention to learners, but to also be careful to not interrupt too much. Teachers should know about different approaches to teaching and learning (and, where appropriate, research and management), and how these may be used in ways which are appropriate to the learners and the context. The teacher will have a well-developed understanding of the knowledge appropriate to the specialism of the class.