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Why is it important to plan lessons? I think it is important to prepare a lesson plan because it will determine whether the teacher and the students' lesson is successful. The lesson plan is a design and a timetable for a lesson. The lesson plan helps to guide the teacher in detail a lesson which includes: What the subject is to be taught Time for each topic of a lesson The goals to be achieved for students What are the difficulties that the students or teacher might encounter How to overcome those difficulties How to encourage the students to participate a lesson interestingly What the aids and materials that need to support in a teaching process ….. With a detailed lesson plan, teachers will get: - Confidence in the classroom. The factor "confidence" of a teacher greatly affects the student's ability to absorb lessons. The students only open mind to learn with the teacher they love and trust - Highlight in the lesson. The teacher will know which part of the lesson is important to focus on teaching and allocate a reasonable time frame. - With important or difficult topics, a teacher will have time to prepare appropriate teaching methods to help students absorb lessons most effectively. - If a teacher cannot finish all topics that are needed to be taught a day, the teacher will know what he/she will start from the next day. - A detailed and logical lesson plan will help students grasp and memorize lessons effectively - Teachers will not miss what needs to be taught - Prepare solutions for problems that might happen in the classroom - A Teacher will know what materials and equipment that are needed to prepare for the lesson to be more effective - A teacher will study in advance how to interact effectively (teacher-student, student-student, student-computer ....) So when is a lesson plan needed? - When a teacher goes to a classroom to teach - When another teacher replaces the teacher, she/he will know where the students are learning and what to teach in that day - When a teacher needs to lookup teaching history as a record - When a teacher needs to make homework or test assessment. A teacher can rely on a lesson plan to know what types of homework should be given, which part should focus more on? How to identify what is a good lesson plan - A good lesson plan should be clear, concise and simple - Balance skills for students - Balance timing between topics - Be flexible to change - After each lesson, students feel excited and enjoy returning to the classroom sooner So how to create a good lesson plan - A teacher needs to spend time and dedication to prepare a lesson plan, should not copy or refer to other people because it is not close to the reality of the students they are teaching. - Analyze carefully the necessary factors such as students 'needs, students' learning styles - A good lesson plan should be based on a syllabus of a course or a school year - Need to follow the programs and rules by the Ministry of Education, a school or a center - Create different activities and games to help students be interested in learning and absorb lessons faster - Have solutions for unexpected situations