Teach English in Nanyuntai Linchang - Lianyungang Shi

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I believe that English not only influences a student's future career, but it can also change a student's destiny, especially in this current era of information technology where English is the lingua franca, being used by most leading countries as their official language. More precisely, English is used in 67 countries as their first official language, and in 27 countries as their secondary language, bring the total number of English speakers to more than a billion worldwide. English is even defined as the secondary official language in China - a country with the world's largest population and longest Chinese history. English is seen as a stepping stone towards integration into the global community, and it is so important that most countries start teaching the language from primary school all the way to university. So how do I think English can influence a student's future career? First of all, I believe that one's English ability is directly correlated to one's employability. Those who are proficient in English tend to attract greater working opportunities and perform better in job interviews. Such people would fare batter in dealing with challenging tasks such as drafting sophisticated contracts, especially in foreign-owned enterprises and multinational companies where English is often used as the common business language. In addition, there would be less of a language barrier for them to communicate with companies overseas, or to have meaningful technological discussions with foreign entities. These could possibly translate into substantial decrease in the costs of labour, and therefore, generate more profits for their companies. While it is not to say that those without a good command of English will not get a good job, being multilingual with a certain level of English proficiency is definitely a plus point in the job field. Moreover, possessing a good level of English expands the option to study in different countries at one's own choice. Studying overseas makes for great opportunity to be acquainted with foreign knowledge and technologies, which can be applied back in one's home country through innovative ways. Take Jack Ma as an example - before turning into the e-commerce magnate and billionaire that he is today, Jack had a humble childhood where he developed a keen interest in English. During his teenage years, he would give free English tours to foreigners in an attempt to practice the language, eventually making his way up as an English professor at a university in Hangzhou. English was his stepping stone towards his successful career, while his determination was the catalyst for the entire process. There is a Chinese saying which defines a teacher's role to include the responsibility to teach the fundamental relationship between one and society, to impart knowledge, and to solve questions throughout the learning process. In this relation, I believe those who have mastered the English language have the responsibility to pass on their knowledge to more people. They should let others know that learning a different language like English unlocks a whole new world of information, introducing foreign concepts from fresh perspectives. This allows us to be more conscious of the existing cultural and religious differences, while improving our ways to overcome communication barriers and promote inter-cultural exchanges. In a nutshell, learning English will not only influence a student's future career development, but also their mindset and perspective towards a lot of things. Therefore, it is important for us to tell students how important English is and build motivation for our students. Not only English is important for student but for everyone, because it is never too late to learn and to strive for a better future.