Teach English in Qingkou Zhen - Lianyungang Shi

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Since our childhood, teachers play an important role in our education after our family. From the primary school to our academic life they are part of our lives. Teachers' benefits to the students are numerous; they do not only give us academic education, general knowledge, but also they make us discreet, sensitive. Whether it is good or bad they shape our lives. By this way we become the people that are gained into a society. School is the first place which enables us to meet our teacher in other meaning where it all begins.   When we are at primary school we are usually curious about everything. We want to know many things including our future, and whether we like being a student or not. This is where our teacher interferes with our lives. S/he starts to become our mentor from really young ages. They try their best to help us to question our problems and to solve it even if they do not have to. While we pass into the middle school we begin to change both mentally and  physically with this way we see our teachers as a role model, for that reason we duplicate their every act. As for an example when a student  sees his / her teacher while reading some newspapers, essays, or books s/he tries to act like his / her teacher. But that does not mean that every behaviour should be imitated. As much as a teacher effects the student in a good way s/he also effects in a bad way too. Some teachers do not see teachering as an important thing. They only see this a paid job. For example a student see his / her teacher while smoking, this action of smoking may be considered as a good thing by the students. These behaviours effect the students life while they are starting a high school after the middle school. When a student starts to go to high school, s/he begins to change not only in a physical way but also in an emotional way. We as the teenage students behave according to our emotions not to our minds. This is the reason why even the simpliest matter makes us so angry that we want to run away from the problems that we have. But sometimes it may be impossible for us to do so because of the responsibilities that society imposes to us and in those times, we want to be understood by people around us before judging the behaviours of ours. But unfortunately most of our friends are our peer and since they are suffering from the same problems they may not be able to understand our emotional trauma. As for our families, since they had already been through these times they do not have any good will towards us. This is where our teacher's role gains importance. Luckily our teacher can notice the process of changing which we think we have to get through all by ourselves and they try to lead us to the right path. But most of the times we are so arrogant to see others opinions for ourselves that even if they want to help us, we may regard this behaviour differently and we can be rude towards to the people who want to help us. We do not impose this is something that we are doing willingly but we do this instinctly. Just because we think the other people's thoughts may hurt us we directly want to block them before they reach us. This behaviours of ours continiue to change in university towards our teachers but in a good way. Our point of view to events  changes too. Because we become independent from our families and we start tp live by our own decisions. Also we already complete our adolescence term and start to stand on our own feet. In this way teachers become more important for our personal development because of their experience and knowledge. We see them as an idol to ourselves because we are starting to create whole new personality for us.  To sum up, when we look back at our lives we can say that since our childhood teachers try to lead us to be a better person. Whether they know or not they have a huge influence in our lives during our life. In conclusion to this tought, teachers only give students the key, it is up to us that whether we open the door or not.