Teach English in Qingkouyanchang - Lianyungang Shi

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It is generally agreed today that technology has become an essential part of our everyday lives. We are trying to increase efficiency and effectiveness of manufacture, education, management, entertainment and other systems. In my opinion, new technology can have a beneficial impact on different aspects of the English lessons. When we speak about new technology in education, we usually mean computers, overhead projectors, interactive whiteboards (IWB), as well as Internet itself. The use of such devices can make lessons more interesting, entertaining, visual and, therefore, more effective. With the overhead projector or the IWB in classroom teacher will always have songs, videos and visual materials readily available. It gives a teacher an ability to easily change the flow of the lesson. For example, if children got bored or tired teacher can turn on a small warm up or video in accordance with the topic; or in case when material is difficult to understand, a video/song can be a helping hand for the teacher. Using new technology doesn’t require the Internet, because it is possible to prepare everything in advance. However, if the class provides Internet connection it opens even bigger possibilities for the teacher. There is a great number of educational online games for different levels and topics, lots of which are free. Still, even without Internet, numerous activities can be used during different stages of the lesson. Children can watch a short video and have a discussion, listen to the dialog and fill-in grammar/vocabulary exercise. My example here is based on the game called ‘Dobble’. It’s a great game for learning English, because it can be adapted for different topics and levels. With the help of PPT (PowerPoint Presentation) I put different pictures on the slide, which is divided into two parts, with only one same picture. During the activity we can use group, pair or even individual work. For the weaker students we can use questions such as ‘What do you see?’ or ‘What is the same?’, for stronger ‘What color/shape… is it?’ and so on. Usually, children are fond of this game and eager to participate. Sometimes I use this game for warm up (vocabulary for the topic; then we discuss what topic we have today), for the new vocabulary or review. New technology can be used not only for presenting new material, but also as management and controlling tools. Teacher may prepare a simple PPT for the lesson in advance and use it as a guide during the lesson. It can contain review material, lesson content, music or video materials, links on the additional materials. I think it can increase teachers’ confidence and, at the same time, it doesn’t affect flexibility of the lesson. Teacher can reduce TTT with the help of visual aids; to face students during the lesson, because he/she doesn’t have to write on board or clean it – the content is prepared in advance; it’s possible to vary an activity in accordance to the individual levels of students; always can make a step back if students are confused and don’t remember a correct structure. In case of the control during the lesson, I want to give my own example. For each group (children aged 5-12) I have created a separate chart with three categories: attendance, behavior and lesson points. During each lesson I add information (statistics) and as a result, in the end of each month we have a small award ceremony for the best students. The first outcome is that children are motivated to work and participate in different activities. Secondly, it’s a good tool for class management, because I can not only add points, but take them away for unsatisfied behavior or regular tardiness. Finally, it is very useful for parents meetings. It is important to note that it’s always good to involve all senses, that is why teachers shouldn’t only concentrate on the new technology, but use flash cards, handicrafts, toys or objects. For example, use fresh fruits to teach vocabulary and in the end give them to kids to taste. Teacher can ask ‘Is it sweet/tasty/sour?’ to learn sentences. Moreover, it is always necessary to have “Plan B” for the lesson in case of some technical problems or electricity absence. Before each lesson teacher has to check the equipment and be sure that everything is prepared. To draw the conclusion, we can say that new technology can be used effectively in different ways in the classroom. Moreover, it can increase interest and motivation of students, which will result in better learning.