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Several years ago, on TV in Albania there was an advertisement about the importance of learning English. In the advert an employer asks a candidate for the job “Do you know English?”, he replied “Yes!”, the employer went on “Why are you interested in this job?” and the advertisement finished with the candidate responding “Yes!”. It is interesting to go back to this simple example and think about the great difference knowing English makes. As an Albanian student thinks about the future, career or professional development, it is very difficult to move forward if there is no evidence of English knowledge. In Albania’s labor market, possessing a good standard in English is a great advantage and weapon to succeed. Below are some of the key points that can give a wider view of the context. • In this fast growing and developing world, the majority of the information is in English. From elementary school to University, if a student wants to expand their knowledge and abilities in a particular area, they have to know English to access the proper information. Some interesting facts but still not surprising have been identified through some case studies in the Western Balkans. European Movement in Albania, which is an independent and non-profit organization, in collaboration with European movement in Serbia, has conducted a study on Education and research in Western Balkan region. In this study Albania is ranked second to last in the field of research. This means that there are still many necessities, many fields that are lacking infrastructure and professional people to work in. Through all the academic years of a student (and after that), they need to write research, essays and make projects. Looking at the huge gap in Albanian research materials, students need to have a high standard in English so they can know what to search for and where to search it. Eventually, this fact can expand student’s horizons and give them more opportunities in their career. • From the majority of academic institutions in Albania, English is part of the curriculum. This means that English is a taught subject in schools which should provide a good foundation for children and young people as they prepare to join the labor force, unfortunately many of them don’t make the most of the opportunity. One of the realities of a student’s life is that, when he/she finishes their master's degree, they are required to submit an internationally accredited certificate stating an acceptable English language proficiency, in order to receive a hard copy of the certificate. This rule really does set some standards for the students and pushes them towards attaining a higher level in English language proficiency. For some this can be easy, for others it may seem frustrating as they are not as confident in what might be not even their second language. • According to Durga, in the study “The Need of English Language Skills for Employment Opportunities” it is cited that the knowledge of English is considered one of the most important employability skills. This is true for Albanian labor market as well. In the majority of job descriptions there is a requirement for English language skills and there are times where even the interviews are conducted in English. Because significant numbers of people have master’s degrees, this means that many employers would look at provision in a second language, particularly English, as the skill that sets one candidate out from another. Another point that can be decisive of whether someone is accepted in a workplace or not, is when the work requires the employer to travel abroad. The potential employer will be looking for a level of English language proficiency that will enable better options to travel. In summary, being proficient in English is a great advantage for Albanian students as it positively impacts their future. It sets students apart from others and opens doors within the labor market that might previously not have been an option. References Durga, Ms. (2018). The Need of English Language Skills for Employment Opportunities. European Movement in Albania (EMA), 2019, Education and Research in Western Balkan.