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Teacher: Wendy Cetir Date and Time: 11 February 2020 Class level: Intermediate Room: 1 Number of students:10 Context: Grammar (Revision of 2 nd and 3 rd conditionals) Teaching aids: Various costumes ,props, Interactive whiteboard ,Music, worksheets and flash cards Learner objectives: By the end of the lesson students should be able to .identify which sentence is 2 nd or 3 rd conditional .form a sentences using the correct tense and use it in correct context Personal aims: Increase STT Improve my board work Anticipated problems for students: .might have forgotten context and use of conditionals .difficulty with spelling .difficulty with grammar .difficulty with pronunciation Anticipated problems for the teacher: .keep lesson simple and clear yet fun for students to comprehend .might not be able to finish full lesson ,watch the timing for the lesson Solutions students: .Review 2nd and 3 rd conditionals .drilling pronunciation .strong study phase Solutions teacher: .follow lesson plan .if a certain phase takes up more time than anticipated .consider giving one of the activities as homework for the students .get students to use costumes as motivation to participate Procedure: (1) Warm up PLAY A SONG: ‘If I were the Queen " while students enter the classroom. The teacher can be dressed up in a costume of the Queen of England (crown,robe,scepter ,big jewels) Put the following on the board so students will see as they enter the classroom and start to think about the subject/topic. Sometimes we wish things could happen, but they don’t. Think of how your life would be different if you were a King or Queen by creating options to complete the following sentence: ‘If I was a King or Queen i could… e.g. If I were a King or Queen, I would not have to work hard for money and rule my kingdom. (2.)ENGAGE 5 minutes S – T Once they are seated and settled ask some questions: ‘What am I?’ - Are you a man or a woman ‘What kind of King and Queen are you ?’ - A old king/Queen , a skinny king/Queen, a rich king/Queen ‘Does the King and Queen have a lot of money?’ - Yes they do Ask key questions for 2 nd conditional: ‘if you were a king or Queen? what would you do? Possible answers could be: .I will not work .I will travel .I would watch movies all day. Praise students for their efforts Ask key questions for 3 rd conditional: ‘if i were a king or Queen,how would i run my kingdom? what would i do differently? possible answers: .I would help the poor .I would help the economy. (3.) CONDITIONAL BALL GAME : To link engage to study phase 10 minutes S – T Ask students to stand up and form a circle. Shout a half conditional sentence (2 nd conditional) Throw the ball to a student and ask him/her to complete the sentence with a result. The next student will change previous students result into an ‘if clause’ and add a new result. Be sure to give good examples and explain clearly before you start in order for students to understand what you expect. e.g.Teacher: If I had gone on holiday… Student 1: If I had gone on holiday, I would have been on the beach. Student 2: If I had been on the beach, I would have built a sand castle. (4) Students will sit down and we will review the conditionals: STUDY 10 minutes T – S and S - T Before simply giving students (reviewing) the information regarding when to use the conditionals and how to correctly structure them. First ask the class if they can remember a few of the sentences from the warm-up. Hopefully they will remember and be able to identify when you use the conditionals and then we will write their ideas on the board. Review form for 2 nd conditional If + past simple (past cont.) + would/could/might/may + base form e.g.If I were a King or Queen, I would not have to work hard usages:Unreal situations, dreams, fantasies, Wishes Look at example sentence: I am not a king or Queen, but I wish I was (unreal situation) Therefore we use 2 nd conditional (with would) to talk about what we would do if that situation were true. Ask concept questions to check their understanding: Was I a King or Queen? (No) 1.if I have to work hard? (No) 2.Is this situation real or do we wish it was? (Wish) 3.Are we talking about the past, present or future? (the past) Review form for 3 rd conditional If + past perfect + would/could/might + have + past participle e.g. Did I had worked harder, I would have been a King or Queen. usages: regret, excuses, hypothetical Look at example sentence: I am not a rich King or Queen, but I regret that I didn’t work hard in order to become rich. Therefore we use the 3 rd conditional to talk about what we could have done if the situation was different. Ask concept questions to check there understanding: . Did I work hard? (No) . Did I become a King or Queen? (No) . Is this situation real or do we regret it? (Regret) . Are we talking about the past, present or future? (the past) (5.) Students will complete a worksheet with a chart to ensure that they have the pattern correct. Students will work with a partner to complete this: The previous examples will still be on the board for them to refer back to. STUDY 15 min S – S Examples: 1. John ___ (read) a book now. = John is reading a book now. 2. Jack and Peter ___ (work) late today. = Jack and peter are working late today 3. Anita ___ (not listen) to music. 4. The phone ___ (not ring). 5. What ___ (you do) tonight? After students complete this activity and we share our answers as a class, I would then be able to understand better whether they grasp the concept. For those who need more help, I would have them work with me on completing sentence. For those who understand, I would give a matching game activity to continue practicing. (6.) ROLE PLAY ACTIVATE 20 MINUTES S – S / S – T Students are divided into groups of 4. Each group has to draw a card from a hat that would have a condition on. As a group they will decide on a minimum of 4 different results which they will present to the class. In order to make it more fun, once they have picked a card, they will choose props and costumes to use when they present their results to the class. Condition cards will be: 1. If you were a King or Queen, what would you do? 2. If your hair turned white overnight, what would you do? 3.If you were a superhero, what would you do? 4. If you could fly like a bird, what would you do? 5. If I had been born into a famous family, I would have… 6. If I had gone to a party last night, I would have worn… 7. If I had become a famous model, I would have… Each group will have the opportunity to present their answers to the class. During feedback time, the other groups will have a chance to help correct any possible mistakes before I finally give them my guidance and answers. (7)Problems with pronunciation: A lot of students have problems with pronouncing and it sometimes sounds like they are saying good. To get around this problem I ask my students to say the following: * Win * Wing * Wood * Would Usually the problem is not the w sound, but confusion about how would is pronounced. Practice the difference between would and good until your students can say them both clearly.