Teach English in Shilianghe Zhen - Lianyungang Shi

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I like English very much, and I also like teaching very much. Till now, I have experiences of teaching English, Japanese, and Chinese. When I was a student, I met several excellent teachers, including some English teachers. I feel very lucky and very thankful for them. Because of them, I also want to be a good teacher. In the 20 course units, what impressed me most is the ESA lesson. Frankly speaking, during this online course, the grammar units are easier to me than the units of teaching techniques. I think that in China, many teachers pay more attention to study and practices than motivating students. They attach much more importance to study and tests than engage and activate. In my class, I try my best to make students feel that it is joyful to study the foreign language. Many students enjoy the lessons. But sometime I found it was difficult to keep a good balance of teaching effectively and teaching interestingly. From this course, I learned a lot about make plans, games, warmers, and activities. I want to put them into actions, and I think I can teach better than before. Besides, I think Unit 9, the lesson planning is very useful and helpful. In order to give an effective lesson to students, the lesson planning and preparations before class are very important. Imagining the problems that you might come across in class in advance, and making a clear and specific lesson plan will help the teacher to give a better lesson. Make a plan including 2W(who, what), and 2H(how, how long). WHO, is about the students. What is their levels, how many of them, how old are they? WHAT, is about the aim, the teaching object. HOW, is about the teaching methods and techniques. How to achieve the aim? Will it be a straight arrow ESA lesson or something else? HOW LONG, is about the time. Teacher is an occupation, meanwhile, more than an occupation. I like teaching very much, and I like students very much. I enjoy the time that spend with my students. I had many kinds of students. Some are not so good at studying, but are very good participants. Some are shy, but are ready to help others. Some are so amazing, just like a genius. In 2008, when the great earthquake of Sichuan occurred, I was at Chengdu, in class, with my students. They were so brave, and I was deeply moved by them. We all have survived, and I will remember those students and that class for ever. For my students, I want to be a good teacher, giving students effective and joyful lessons, treating students equally, establishing rapport in classroom. Teaching methods and techniques are important, but I think passion is more important. Over ten years ago, I became a teacher. Now I am more experienced and more confident than then, but I still have some problems in teaching students of different levels, or some reluctant students. But I will keep on making efforts, and I think with my passion, better techniques, and more experiences, I will become a better teacher.