Teach English in Shiqiao Zhen - Lianyungang Shi

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For the past decades, English is generally characterized as a universal language. English is a language spoken by nearly 350 millions of people all over the world speaking as their first language and more than 400 million speaking it as a second language. Language communication have used in many organizations such as business and used as medium of instruction in many schools and universities. It became an international language of business and it is increasingly every year to bring new countries into connection and expand their trades. According to statistics that one fourth of the world’s population is speaking fluently in English. Indeed, English is now becoming global language but some linguists have different points of view about this for them depends on the quantity of individual who speaks it. But it has proven that English is the most common official language and recognized in most countries. It became very effective language as proven by numerous native and non-native speakers everywhere the globe. It became one of the reasons why many schools offered programs English as Second Language. Nowadays, multinational companies requires you to have a certain degree in English proficiency in order you to get the best position in the top company. Since English is now considered significant as second language because it is widely spoken. Many people believe that English is a language trade and it has been introduced within the field of business for many years. Additionally, English has been engaged in films, music, television, and a lot of more technological features such as World Wide Web (internet), so huge amount of population of the globe watches Hollywood movies. In result, led to the use in popularity of English around the globe and obtain the full recognition. Moreover, English become a standard communication between people of different backgrounds. For example, a Filipino might not have to learn Korean language with someone from Korea. If both individual speak English, they can make good communication. Hence, English has helped to reduce certain cultural barriers between nations. Nevertheless, there are cultural differences between countries and nations. The history of a nation may influence to their willingness to speak a language other than their own. English is being considered as an easy language to learn than some other languages like Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and others. However, the level of difficulty depends on the language ability of individual learner. Learning the language is not difficult because English resources are available on the internet and if you really want to learn wherever you are there are online teaching and programs that you can study at your most convenient time. Like Chinese, their language is also dominant but now they are starting to learn English. Language has many parts such as grammar, vocabulary and rules of usage. For me, English is the easiest in terms of writing and reading among other language in the world. So, what are you waiting for from learning this global language? It has proven that English is widely used even in the world of business. Cultural differences is not a hindrance to understand each other. Wherever you go English is being used around the globe.