Teach English in Taolin Zhen - Lianyungang Shi

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Motivation is the reason for students' behavior. Lack of motivation can make a student unhappy because they don't experience new things and might not feel comfortable. Behavior and motivation impact in a classroom for both the students and the teacher in many ways. if the students are not motivated they feel bored and make it difficult for the teacher to proceed with the lesson. All students should show their effort in any given task. Motivation in the learner is a key factor for the environment around them. One student can impact the class depending on the size. The lack of motivation in the student can disrupt the class because he/she prefers doing something else that is more enjoyable. Teachers usually notice the students that have this issue that is why they find a solution either by partnering with someone that doesn't understand and needs help with the lesson or putting them in some other position to make them look like a leader instead of a problem. Another point is the introduction to new things. Students that don't feel motivated don't like change. It is important to introduce them to different things for example technology or any fun activities where they can show a feeling of happiness and hoping to experience other things. Doing the same things every day is boring for a variety of ESL learners. If the learners go to the same thing every day they will feel frustrated and doing the exercises, not for learning, but to finish with the task and move on. If this happens it will become a routine and the learners will not feel motivated to go back or even taking the decision of not wanting to learn a new language. Learners should always have goals. The goal of learning English, the goal of going every day to class, to help other students anything that motivates them to have success. Having enthusiasm in a task is what shos the students to have the motivation and wanting to do more. Not feeling angry if the task is too hard or too easy, the effort is what counts. Concentration is also part of behavior and motivation. It helps process information more clearly because the student feels calm and not stress about the task they have been assigned. Intrest also impacts learners' behavior. The students need to have an interest of some kind. Teachers should make sure to plan interesting things that the majority of students like for example for young learners if the like cutting an gluing to make sure she adds that to part of the lesson and helps the learners to concentrate and motivate themselves to do it correctly and not fast. Motivation and behavior impact both the students and the teacher. If there is no motivation the behavior is going to be unacceptable. Learners and teachers should propose goals that they should achieve at a certain time. For the whole class to fill motivated it is good to engage with each other and know what is good behavior that can help them progress and what is and other types of behavior that will make the class fall back and not progress.