Teach English in TashAn Zhen - Lianyungang Shi

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Many times, people believe that they should learn other subjects during school that might have more relevance during their adulthood which can be math, physics, biology, etc. These are usually seen as the main subjects that will take them to professions like doctor, engineer, scientist, etc. So why would anyone even bother to study or invest more time than what they already do during school, after all you can get it done later in life and you won’t have any trouble. First at all, English is currently the Lingua Franca of this century and it has been that for a while due to the fact that is quite simple to acquire rather than other languages like Chinese; of course this is subjective but the amount of people studying it has provided us with enough teachers and resources to make it seem so. You might’ve studied to become an engineer but why would anyone give you an opportunity to work in a foreign company if you’re not able to utter a word in English. Even so some countries like Mexico demand the knowledge of English at a certain level in order to be promoted to better paid posts in a company, It’s become a synonym of progress and determination to employers. In my own experience I’ve been able to help some people do this when they’ve come to me because they are facing an interview or examination conducted in English, they might’ve had some previous knowledge but they hadn’t any idea of how to convey more complex ideas or how to pronounce correctly which I believe is a huge problem when it comes to teaching, most students don’t pay attention to it and the older you get the longer it takes to your ears to tune in the words correctly these could’ve been corrected early on if we would see more of the benefits that brings English to our lives. What I’ve seen so far is that if you know English you’ve got more opportunities not only related to work but also during your school days and personal life. During your school days perhaps depending of where you live, you will have the opportunity to make some international exchanges with other schools around the world and the first thing they request is an official certification like TOEFL or TOEIC in order to prove you’ll be able to live and study in such countries, also the summer programs around the world do not demand a previous knowledge of English which is absolutely fine although having the basis of the language will help you get along with the international students you’ll meet and it will avoid making you feel left out during the first days thus providing an enriching rather than a tortuous experience during such camp. This is not only regarding youngsters, university students have also the possibility to study abroad for a year or more in order to get higher levels of education like masters or postgrads, or some professional experience which nowadays employers seek out the most in new employees and finally professionals may want to look out in other countries with better economies for a brighter future. To sum up, English is clearly a subject of utmost importance due to the fact that opens lots of opportunities throughout an individual’s entire life and it is not surprise educational systems have made it part of their study curriculum in order to prepare student for a brighter future. If people decide for something that will brings more benefits to their careers, there’s no missing when choosing English