Teach English in Xinba Zhen - Lianyungang Shi

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I will be a new formal English teacher to teach children whose age are three to twelve years old. Yes , I will regard this job as my lifetime career .But what is important for early career as an English teacher ? I have some ideas after I learned the course. First of all, as a new English teacher, the most important thing is that know your students’ features. The more you know about their features of age, the better you can get along with them, then you can grasp what they want and give them what they need. The capacity of children whose age are from three to twelve likes bath sponges, and this age also is the golden time to grasp a foreign language like a native speaker. So as an English teacher, we must have a good knowledge of English to give them a nature English environment to learn the language. The pronunciations of vocabularies needed to be read precisely. The different grammar points should be kept in mind exactly. Extensive knowledge of language also should be accumulated day by day. The age of three to six years old children is persuasible, they would like to obey the rules and imitate what teachers do. But they can not keep focus on one thing for a long time. And the age of seven to twelve years old children often lack motivation as they haven’t usually made the choice to study and can not see the benefit of learning the language. Some of them may be outgoing who want to show themselves off and some of them are timid who don’t want to speak with strangers at all. How to make all of them feel our class is helpful for them? The way for us is to improve our teaching skills. In fact, we must build rapport with student. An effective method for this was put forward by Jeremy Harmer, where he called these elements ‘ESA’- Engage, Study, and Activity. As we want to involve students in a lesson as much as possible, elicitation is an extremely useful component of the ESA process. Activities and materials which tend to engage students include games, music, interesting pictures, stories, this is the sequence in the lesson where the teacher will try to arouse the students’ interest and get them involved in the lesson. All study activities should therefore be presented and completed in a logical order. And activities are the stage where the students are encouraged to use any of the language they know. We must be skillful in ESA phases. Then, you would take time to deliberate about this profession. As a teacher, what we can give our students is not only knowledge but also confidence. We can see that by patient repetition, positive encouragement and frequent praise the child develops a sense of self- esteem and is less self-conscious about potential mistakes. This is an essential part of the language-growth process. Give more love and enthusiasm to this career , be a friend of your students, and let them be your teacher, this is my lifetime career.