Teach English in Yanweigang Zhen - Lianyungang Shi

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When we thinking about students learning English, their motivation will vary a lot depending on their original language, because not only their accent can turn into trouble when they learn, as also the way they form their sentences on their mother language. For a country with a language with its origin being Latin, it will be easier for the students to comprehend this new language. But when we have a different origin of language, we will also have a different alphabet, this will directly affect how we learn the language, and this can make it harder for students to comprehend. When we compare the English language with the Turkish language, we can recognize that the way we build the phrases are different, this itself can turn into a mental block for some students, making them believe that the language is way too difficult for their abilities, and transforming this into a bigger problem than it is. As always when we teach in another country we can’t focus on the difference of the languages, but also the differences in the cultures, for an example, a Brazilian teacher going to Turkey to teach English, is an extreme different, going from the point that the teacher is leaving a mainly catholic country to go to a mainly Muslim country, this for itself is a complication for the teacher and also for the students. The way classes are organized are different this can make it arise some kind of weirdness. For example, in Brazil when the students stay all day in the school, they are allowed to three breaks during the day, being this three times, one for a morning snack, the second lunchtime and the third one an afternoon snack, another thing is in brazil people are working in the school, only the “guard” the behavior of the students. In Turkey, the full-day students have a break of ten minutes between every class, and a forty minutes break for the lunchtime, and also the teachers are the ones who also work as guards, so they try to avoid any accidents from happening during their guard. With all this being said we will always have something in common for all the students on the planet, that is the lack of difficulty when learning or a huge amount of struggle while learning a new language, or even a new topic. With the Turkish students, the main problem is that the sentences are organized differently from the way their language is organized. For example a simple phrase such as 'I don’t want' in Turkish, it turns to 'istemiyorum' that can be translated to 'want don’t I'. So looking at this simple phrase we can see how much of struggle can be for the students to start to comprehend how they need to build the sentences in the way that is right or even acceptable. This problem gets bigger when we think about the pronunciation issue since there are letters that are common on both alphabets but they have a different sound, this will make the students life more difficult, letters like c for example, have a very different way to be vocalized between this two languages while in English the C will have a K sound like in car for example, in Turkish C will have a J sound like in jar, and we also need to think about the letters and sounds that don't exist in both languages, the way you put the stress on the syllables will be also different, all of this things that for some people can be a small detail, will make a big impact on how people can understand a new language.