Teach English in Fengping Zhen - Loudi Shi

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From my own personal experiences of living and working in Vietnam, I have gained a great passion for loving my job as an esl teacher. That passion and love have helped me to better myself in teaching learning and most importantly gaining the knowledge and experience to understand my vital and very significant role as a teacher. In this short essay, I will discuss the impact and importance of owning and presenting the professional role as a teacher. The first and formost responsibility of a teacher is teaching. In this paragraph, I will discuss the main teaching points that I feel a teacher must perform in order to be called a teacher and have the dignity to claim that title. A teacher’s job is very important and impactful and should not be overlooked. Something I feel that is one of the most significant but certainly not the only resposibility is teaching your students life skills to become a respectable member in society. Teaching life skills will have a profound impact on learners, especially the young ones. Think of it this way, a teacher is known to the world and to students as a person to obtain knowleadge and skills from, whereas parents are there to parent. So with that being said, if the teacher sets examples and helps with troubles that student might be facing than it can make a world of difference on the ones who are said to be are futures. Creating the foundation of self thinking will tie into life skills and is a flower that should be watered by a teacher’s questions; thus, creating innovative and brilliant minds changing the world. Doing this small action and claiming them as your responsibility is something that will make and flourish healthy participants in society. Next, I will convey the qualitys that in my opinion make a great teacher as well as beig important to have. Some of these qualitys include being a genuine teacher and that takes skills of having good vertues, being fun, being loving and caring. Being fun creates a healthy relationship with the children and learners. Not the most important but a very vital aspect is being creative, having creativity to create absorption and cohesion when teaching is a very important skill to have. Loving and caring can impact children especially when they might have a broken or unstructured home life. Creating the senses to children can really open up their minds and have profound effects in their lives. When being a good teacher with these stated qualities, results can be seen in every aspect of life. Holding your responsibility can make easier and more respectable knowledge to be had from your lessons. The virtues of being fun, loving, caring and responsible can make an extradionary teacher. Setting instances to students can be tiring but if you truly love teaching than it will not get dull or boring to do these things. When being a good spicemen, it will teach children great advances that can pass down to their children. In conclusion and overall, a teacher’s role should always be completed, preformed and demonstrated with the up most professionalism and care. Through my two-month process of completing this TESOL course, I have also gained a lot of knowledge, re-enlightment, experiences and understanding of my role and responsibities as a teacher. This course has also given me great classrooms tips and experience that I have used in both private and public school settings here in Vietnam. Certainly, knowing your role as a teacher can make your job more enjoyable and feel less like working. Thank you to all teachers and academic professionals whom may read this, also remember to never stop doing your best role as a teacher and role model for the sake of the students and the future.